Monday, January 18, 2016

Chiang Mai (Day 2)

Couldn't have been a better second day in Chiang Mai (Day One), the fresh morning start at Bai Orkid, an amazing nature breathtaking scenery with row and row of colourful orchids. As I slowly walked into this orchid farm, I felt as though the heavenly paradise came calling upon seeing the beautiful colorful blooming orchids, also, as an educational journey on how orchids are cultivated and how they converted to beautiful accessories. The accessories were pricey but since I have set my mind not to spend on the Thai clothes, handbags and street stuffs , I bought the orchid pendant and hair clip. Those things I bought during my previous trips (Solo Trip To Bangkok), I realise were just a waste of money and eventually, all I did was to give them away.  

To depart from this place after a quick walk around the butterfly farm was sentimental but once I arrived at the famous long neck village, I glowed again though the excitement so soon fizzled out when told that the entrance fee is RM50.00. Well, I suppose if that's how it is, you got pay. Whatever still, I won't deny it was a fantastic first time experience to walk in and out of the village while trying to figure out the logic behind lengthening the neck with the heavy long metal. Furthermore, after seeing the cute  kiddos, I couldn't leave without buying the handmade shawls. 

The next stop was at Maetaeng Elephant Park and here, the elephant ride, elephant football match and the elephants, they sure can paint better than me. The master pieces/paintings the friend bought one for RM200.00 whereas other elephants souvenirs you can purchase from the shops outside. Another interesting thing at this park is feeding the elephants and if you are generous, you keep buying the food, keep feeding and the elephants won't stop eating. In fact, along the elephant ride route, you will have more chance to buy sugar canes and bananas and feed the elephants over and over till the ride is over. 

After lunching at one of the restaurants, we left for the monkey and snake show I have also seen at Krabi -King Cobra Show. Thereafter, we visited the silver factory, cotton factory and the birds nest/ royal jelly outlet which were about skill showing whereas the hidden massage is contributing to Thailand's economy. Even after all the flowery marketing-sales talk, I just didn't want to buy anything. Finally, before calling it a day in Chiang Mai, we had quite a wonderful dinner, thrown in with a cultural show at a huge authentic Thai restaurant. 


The second day in Chiang Mai, truly action packed and with all the walking we did, by the time we returned to the hotel, a complete wash up and down shower and technical knockout.

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Next change: Chiang Rai.  

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  1. Always good to know abt a new place u explored thru ur blog.. loved the pics

  2. Wow!Nice painting by the elephant

  3. thats such a cool place , those floral necklaces are so cool :)
    i wonder how these girls are managing with those huge gold necklaces
    keep in touch

  4. What an amazing experience doll thanks for taking us in this journey.

  5. Clips are so pretty, I love your outfit.


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