Friday, December 4, 2015

Sri Suria Curry House - SS3, Petaling Jaya

Driving along the narrow main road, by chance we noticed this restaurant. Unanimously the three of us agreed we should try and we walked in before 12pm.  Occupying two shop lots, Sri Suria is the standard Indian restaurant. Nothing special neither unique at the first look. Subsequently, looking at the people, looking at staff and trying to figure out what to eat, the same story as elsewhere. Here, tables squeezed close to each other and the floor space fully utilized to cramp the dining area. By this time, 3/ 4 of the tables already taken up and a good number of customers standing around to pack food. 

Anything great about the ready or prepared lunch dishes? Sorry, not that I know despite trying hard to recall. The lunch dishes just then one by one coming out of the kitchen and if you are in a hurry, pretty much these you have to settle for or look at the menu prices on the wall and decide.

We chose three dishes at the food counter (chicken varuval/dry style, fish puttu and fried fish), sat and service within 3 to 4 minutes for the banana leaf, rice, veggies, curries, pickle and papadam. Drinks were called for as well – 2 sky juice and one ice lime juice.  As we tucked in, we looked at each other but didn't utter a single word and continued eating while noticing more and more customers walking in. 

Lunch was over so soon, thereafter the bill must be settled and as we walked to our car parked just in front, we openly spoke about the average food but glad we tried. At least we know it's better to eat at the neighbourhood Indian restaurants to save petrol and time or "better the known than unknown devil".Anyway, we still can’t comprehend the magic formula (not that far from Krishna Curry House) the other customers seem aware because we don’t have a clue whatsoever. Perhaps we were the only ones who couldn't see and feel the magic. Sri Suria short-listed as the best cheap and best Indian restaurant? Excuse me!!   

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