Thursday, December 24, 2015

Salasabaii Thai Cuisine - Cheras Taynton View

"Waze”certainly was proven as the guardian god of directions for the stress-free drive from Shah Alam to Taman Taynton View. In fact, even with the rush hour traffic. I arrived within 40 minutes at Salasabaii. And despite the slim chance of diverting to twilight zone after keying in the exact address, a little confusion (just a little) because there’s other food courts along the same route. Nonetheless, I arrived at "KK 118 Food Court", parked at the spacious open area right in front, walked into Stall No 1, grinned and shook hands with Alexander the owner. I should have (yea, should have) also shook hands with Jirapreeya (his wife/business partner) but she sure was busy and so, we just smiled. 

Salasabaii as the name implies, offers various types of real-authentic Thai food and unlike at other stalls where you stand and "bling-bling" at the wall menu, here, you will be given or feel free to take the menu from the counter.Thereafter sit back in the casual no frill dining area and opt between the set meals, individual dishes, affordable meal for the day or for something more substantial, shouldn't be missed the Mookata/Thai bbq and Jim Jum/Thai claypot steamboat/, served with their self-made 3-4 different Thai spicy sauces.  

While waiting for my dinner companions and before the start to this food review, Alex and I, well, naturally we spoke about Thai food and a thing or two about his previous restaurant. Thus, together with his wife, Alex has belted years of experience cooking Thai dishes. Fresh ingredients and paying special attention to the balance of the elements I was told are the open secret for the freshly made dishes.
Just then, my dinner companions arrived and the dishes were ready for tucking in. While the mildly flavoured tom yam broth was slowly simmering in the claypot with charcoal briquets in the base and in the aluminium unique-shaped hibachi-style Thai style barbecue, we started with the Sour Pork Rib Soup. Tender to its core, the meat easily ripped from the bones and in a broth with the quintessential Thai flavours, an impressive dish we immediately fell in love with.

Thereafter it was the BBQ Salt Baked Fish. Quite a big fish for the three of us, crispy on the edges and filled with pandan leaves, the fish was delicate, soft, mildly salty, a faint hint of the leaves and when eaten with the spicy sauce, heaven came calling.
Next was the BBQ Pork Neck. Slightly charred on the outside, tender inside and segments of the meat still intact, upon contact with the tart, sweet, spicy and salty dip, we gnawed the pieces. 
At this juncture, the broth had picked-up the heat. Working up our hands (thanks Alex for helping), we equally distributed the raw ingredients (seafood, meat, veggies etc etc) into the claypot and bbq pot. All cooked up and accompanied with the other types of Thai dips, a pleasurable, filling and satisfying meal we agreed. The hearty portions we couldn't finish off and the difference between Mookata and Jim Jum we couldn't exactly nail. 

Salasabaii - definitely we will be returning for the other array of mouth-watering authentic Thai dishes. 

KK 118 Food Court
Stall No 1
Jalan Dato Haji Harun
Taman Taynton View
011 2752 2907 or 018 350 0322


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  1. Lots of seafood..that's what I love the most. Delicious food!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. My fav thai dish is green chicken curry. Looks like a good one for thai food lovers.

  3. that mud pot setup is so cool
    Merry Christmas

  4. M not very fond of sea food bt this place is surely a paradise fr those who love sea food


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