Friday, December 18, 2015

Rakshee - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Names (including Navaneetham Krishnan) always fascinate me and Rakshee? The moment I heard, for some reason or rather, the loving name made me happy. Well so, I was not wrong. Walking into the stylish, modern and a trending end lot cafĂ©, indeed I felt the good vibes of Rakshee, meaning joyful and relaxation (derived from an informal Arabic language. Adorned in black steel, white tiles and dangling lamps, there is also the outdoor dining space and a long bench at the entrance to relax before or after a meal with friends or family.   

Rakshee for me was a different kind of experience or better said as a unique experience compared to the many previous food reviews. The signature Bakso for their Asian and Western inspired dishes I don’t eat because cow is a secret animal for the Hindus and the cultural upbringing as well. 
However, a good number of my male friends won’t mind because travelling they say is one of the reasons why beef is no longer a taboo. I other hand am holding strong with my religious beliefs. Then again, you never know what the future holds in instances should there be no other food except beef in never-never or nava-nava land.
Bakso, commonly found in Indonesian street or upscale dishes is obviously made with beef and a small quantity of tapioca flour. At Rakshee, the more of lean meat than fats meatballs are sourced from one of the founders uncle’s factory in Penang. Hence, with a menu fully created by their in-house chef and synonymous with their mission of educating people about the new way of eating Bakso, Rakshee has been attracting different kind of patrons from West Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore for close to a year. With a more exciting menu including chicken dishes and promotion along the way, Rakshee is looking at expanding with another outlet in Setiawangsa probably in a year’s time.

During this review, a total of 13 items were sampled by fellow foodies while yours truly almost rolled on the floor out of hunger though she like to profess that being an adventurous foodie may not all be about tasting. Even so, she didn't mind the long drive for being there, seeing and learning about the different dishes. 

Bakso soup/ Indonesian boat noodle (RM1.90)
Baked pasta marinara (RM9.90)
Rakshee linguine (RM9.90)
Mini burger with chili fries (RM9.90)
Swedish beef ball (RM9.90)
Baked beef ball marinara (RM9.90)
Spicy Thai linguine (RM9.90)
Rakshee grilled lamb  - new menu (RM30.90)
Bakso nugget – new menu (RM9.90)
Rakshee frittata – new menu (RM9.90)
*From 9-12pm for breakfast or brunch
Rakshee soto bakso – new menu (RM11.90)
*From 9-12pm for breakfast or brunch
Rakshee lasagna – new menu (RM15.90)
Classic Aglio Olio – new menu (RM7.90)
Patiently I waited to munch the crispy garlic butter bread, chilli fries and upon the arrival of the grilled lamb - "excuse me everyone, please let me eat". Slightly with an unpleasant smell, I battled with the meat grilled with a sweet spicy sauce. Nevertheless, the sauce was likeable and between the rest of the dishes, the winners I presumed were the spicy Thai linguine, the crispy fried nuggets paired with the chilli sauce and creamy sauce, bakso soup and soto bakso. Soon after finishing off the fruity tea, I thanked the young entrepreneurs, quickly left to avoid the peak hour traffic jam but sad to say I returned home two hours later.
Address: No 13G, Jalan 5/20A,
The Strand Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya,
46350 Selangor
Contact no:  012-2474673
Business Hours: Tue-Sun 9.00am – 11.30pm (Monday closed)
More on lifestyle at nava-k's facebook page

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  1. Even I don't prefer beef, nothing religious but just don't prefer eating beef. This is not my kind of place but I can think of many who will enjoy the menu here!

  2. The presentation of the food is good. The fruit Tea looks interesting :)


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