Friday, December 4, 2015

Nasi Lemak With Sardine Sambal Ijo And Serunding Udang

Nasi Lemak is truly the calling any time of the day - in the morning, afternoon, night and of course, for supper after the fun night life, nasi lemak will take you straight to heaven (nasi lemak prawn sambal and vegetarian mutton nasi lemak). Now, for the coconut milk rice, it is rather simple but this version is different - basmati rice, the extract of fresh pandan/screwpine leaves, ginger goodness and coconut milk is a must. Also, instead of the usual sambal, I made serai/lemongrass serunding udang geragau and sardine sambal Ijo/ green sambal. The condiments are basically the fried bilis/anchovies, fried peanuts,cucumber and fried egg? Boring-lah. Try salted egg for this wholesome and spectacular nasi lemak.

For the nasi
2 cups Basmati rice -rinse and drain off water 
8 pandan leaves - blend with some water to extract the juice
A few sliced ginger
1 1/2 cup thick coconut milk
1 1/2 cup plain water
Salt for taste

For the serunding
1 cup udang geragau/tiny dried shrimps
1 lemongrass/serai - shred
Chilli flakes - as needed
Powdered palm sugar - as needed
2 tbsp of oil
Lime wedges - as needed
Salt for taste

For the sambal ijo
For the fish
10 sardine fish - clean and de-gut
1 inch fresh turmeric (or turmeric powder) - nicely pounded or blend till fine
1 tbsp rice flour
*Gently mix these ingredients together 

For the sambal
8 fresh green chillies (or as needed)
1/2 inch ginger
6 garlic
8 shallots
** blend/pound till smooth with some water
Powdered palm sugar - as needed
Fish sauce - 1/2 tbsp 
Lime juice - as needed
Oil - as needed
Salt - if needed

To make
For the rice
Add all the ingredients in the rice cooker and cook.
Or you prefer to cook over the stove, please do so. 
Once cooked, fluff the rice up.

For the serunding
Heat oil
Add all the ingredients (please don't add the lime wedges)
Fry while stirring till shrimps are nice and crispy
Dish out and some lime juice to mix before eating. 
For the sambal
Heat oil
Fry fish till crispy and cooked. 
Remove and keep aside.
Drain/remove excess oil from the same pan and leave just enough to fry the sambal paste. 
Fry sambal till oil splits and aromatic.
Season with palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and salt (if needed or taste first before adding)
Stir and add fish.
Stir a couple of times and dish out
Now comes the whole package - serve rice with serunding, sambal ijo, boiled salted egg, fried peanuts, fried anchovies (forgot-lah) and cucumber . Enjoy your meal peeps!!
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  1. Oh yes, Nasi Lemak is certainly one of my family's favourite! xoxo

  2. mouthwatering indeed...the whole platter looks tempting

  3. WOW! Lots n lots of flavors. Looks so YUMMY!

  4. I have never had or made anything like exotic and delicious!

  5. wow..It looks delicious..very it :)

  6. Completely new to me.... Looks delicious and feels to grab them..... :)

  7. Except fish everything sounds delicious!! :)

  8. Haha, your husband seems fun :P Looks like that was a long cooking day for you :) I would love to try the veg version with that lovely rice..

  9. There may be many variations but this version looks so stunning! Would love to clean up that plate!!

  10. Mmm.... I thought I had commented on this but I'm not seeing it. Anyway, I love nasi lemak too & this certainly looks good! xoxo

  11. I don't like fish but can recommend this dish to my friends who do like to eat it.. thanks fr sharing

  12. Looks delicious.. Love the sides too

  13. looks special and tasty,love the fish most


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