Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mushroom Eggs

Husbands come and go, wives come and go and friends come and go as well. But the eggs you buy weekly and stock up in the fridge, they will forever be faithfully yours. Absolutely I know. Otherwise there wouldn't possibly be one after the other recipes (egg sodhi, cincalok omelette, rosemary potato egg salad, egg potato curry, tofu scrambled eggs, Chinese egg foo yung, egg cheesy bun, and Asian egg mayo sandwich). To stay true as a faithful egg lover, the easiest is omelette. To spiral it up further, I added other faithful and humble ingredients - canned button mushrooms, shallots, chillies and spring onion, for the mild freshness.  

3 eggs - beat them up (yeh, you should)
1/2 can button mushrooms - thinly slice
5 shallots - thinly slice
1 red chilli - slice
2 sprigs spring onion -shred/slice thinly
2 tbsp of oil
Salt and pepper for taste

Heat oil in a medium size flat frying pan.
Pour beaten eggs and gently spread for a big omelette.
Cook over low heat till half-cooked.
Sprinkle the rest of the ingredients on top.
Cook for another minute or two.
And gently scoop out as one big piece or break up before dishing out. 
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  1. True eggs are very faithful...haha!
    Mushrooms and eggs combo looks really delicious!!!

  2. Love this protein rich breakfast!

  3. I love this combination. Longing to try it out now.

  4. Looks so very appetizing and delicious!

  5. My love for eggs is also at high... anytime I need, I turn to it for solace... hehe... love the mushroom and egg combination...

  6. Looks like a real awesome treat there, Nava! I love eggs! xoxo

  7. I hv never tried any dish with mushroom & eggs combination..this is simple to make too.. will give it a go :)

  8. this sure looks delicious. I love fried eggs

  9. Looks so colorful and delicious with lovely combo!

  10. Going to try this combination soon. Thanks for sharing !

  11. I'm hungry for this right now.....


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