Thursday, December 3, 2015

Leong Ya Kitchen - (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

The “cooking with love” and sweating profusely in the kitchen I feel must be kindly rewarded with beautifying my face at a professional skin centre. For that, I am let’s say every two to three months once in Taipan. Done with looking good, more happiness with “me, myself and I” meal before returning home. Taipan and food, lots of choices – hawker centres, nasi kandar, fast food etc etc. For me, anywhere and sometimes “content-based recommendation". Leong Ya (same row as Jiro Shabu and Bone & Pot) recommended by friends working at Taipan. “Yee Mee” with lots of cili padi I tried previously for the “burn baby burn” sensational deliciousness. 

Returning  again to Taipan, first of course, my face, then the non-halal food in this basic coffee shop set-up and “serve yourself” to the fork and spoon, chopsticks or with your hands?? Well, don’t think anyone can say anything. The tissue on the table - feel free, use sparingly or use up all. The menu – gosh!! Tempting dishes especially the porki-pork dishes. I love-love oini-oink but since the half-half is pork-free, I don’t cook at home. So here, seeing the dishes on the menu, practically I salivated. Equally tempting the stir fried crunchy veggies I can’t make at home. Well, frying in a big wok and over big yellow flame, impossible in my kitchen. 

The portions for the individual dishes, worth ordering two or three if you dine with friends. But for “solo lunch”, settle for the one bowl noodle dishes. I ordered lam mee and homemade lime asam-boi. Being the first customer for the day, the big bowl of Lam mee served quite soon. Lam mee- fat-fat egg noodles, fish cake, sawi, prawns and pork in a thick gooey broth. As I was about to slurp the first mouthful, I realized chilli and garlic not there on the table. “Mana boleh/how can” after asking the staff, he placed the plastic container on the table. 
Slurppeeeed!! Broth flavorful and noodles with the rest of the stuffs eaten with chilies and garlic in soy sauce - tissue-tissue and eat again until habis semua/finished up. Wahhh!! Nice meal!! In between eating, the home made asam drink. Refreshing and sunshiny and perhaps with freshly squeezed lime juice instead of don’t know “made with what” commercial juice.

I then packed the stewed pork trotters in black vinegar for dinner, paid 28.20 and back to home sweet home. Dinner - rice and the collagen containing pig’s feet for the sour salty burst,“walla-wei”, simply irresistible. 

Leong Ya Kitchen – aplenty choices, good taste, reasonably priced and nothing to shout about non-air conditioned ambiance. Parking at Taipan – welcome to double/triple parking or the open air car park. In the evening, crawl with the rest of drivers and spot the parking. 

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  1. A delight to go through the details. The menu has me drooling here!!

  2. Now my mouth is watering from the description. I can imagine the taste...slurp


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