Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Le Pont Boulangerie - Bedford Business Park (Jalan Kelang Lama)

If not for the invited event, blur-blur I will still be about this restaurant-cum-pastry/bakery shop. Occupying three floors in a modern building with modern interior, the ground floor is the pastry/bakery shop. Just as I was walking up to the second floor, I noticed customers walking into the bakery to pack back the cakes, confectioneries and pastries. So close I was of taking pictures but since I wasn’t sure if allowable. I didn’t want to take the chance. 

On the second floor, a work area in the centre and packed with customers at 11.45am, I stood around without realizing there’s another floor upstairs and asking the staff didn’t help either. The customers seem weird. Instead of continuing eating, they were more interested in staring at me. Just then, thanks to the staff who came down from the third floor and ushered me. At the event, I wasn't surprise I was the only Indian among the 70 over people and that the “just blossoming up” dolled up girls wouldn't even smile at me. Well, wasn't bothersome because such a thing is a norm at blogger/foodie events.

Anyway, I met some great people and sat with them. The event started, thereafter lunch before the games. Food obviously from the house and on the house. On the house meaning by the in-house chefs and on the house meaning sponsored by the organizer. Not a big spread but ample choices. More so for the cakes and confectioneries. To start off, I had the garden salad with lots of cheese and dressing, spaghetti Asian style with mushroom and cherry tomato, and chicken lemon with herb. The soup, fish and bread – I didn’t touch. For dessert, red velvet cake, sweet pastry with peach and I think cream custard in a little glass.

The salad – oh nice because rarely at home, the spaghetti – lovely without too much of tomato flavoring and the chicken – triple nice. Aromatic, tender and the tangy burst truly inviting. The cream custard – awesomeness, the pastry – okay and the red velvet cake – not for me. 

With a glass of ice lemon tea, lunch was good, appetizing and I surely ate. Just as the games were about to begin, I excused myself because my half-half has been patiently waiting in the car for half an hour.

Le Pont – I can’t tell about the prices but the food worth raving. Ambiance – as said, modern. Parking on this Saturday at 11.30am, still okay though the lanes are narrow and the one way streets confusing. 

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  1. All of this food looks delicious I want a plate.

  2. Great review. It's really nice having good food on the house.

  3. Seems like a pleasant event with lovely food!

  4. Buffet time! What a spread, dear! xoxo

  5. The food here is definitely filling & tasty.. m sure u mst have enjoyed here :D


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