Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura - 1 Mont Kiara

Quite an early jump start on this day for the food review at Plaza Mont’ Kiara. Actually, why I am saying food when it was purely gulping down cups of coffee paired with limited sandwiches. Certainly wasn't a pleasant experience. Thus I wanted to dash home immediately. But the sponsor, sorry I can’t mention the name (hint – he, she, shim or she-man), I don’t know why practically dragged me to Kodawari. At first I couldn't figure out and to tell you the truth, I was afraid if I refuse, nava k, blacklisted for future reviews. So, as we walked across to 1 Mont Kiara and to Kodawari (organized and clean) on the first floor, the bell rang in my head – oh I heard, not only listening to the unhappy love story but free advice as well. Okay, no choy-mah! 

Queuing with the rest of the customers, I picked just three fried on the spot tempura (each with a stylish name) and that person the bowl of Niku Udon (small – RM17.90). Thereafter, to the table across the counter for the toppings/condiments/dips. From the dining area where we sat, the mall is yours because every angle you can see. 

The tempura I crunched but before that, forgot about picturing. Crispy fried and hot-hot the fried stuffs, nice okay nice!! The hot green tea so good to wash down the caffeine drunkenness. The bill I don’t know flew where. Still, I remember within my budget. That person said a few things about the udon – chewable sliced beef, broth flavorful and udon? Udon lah! Meal was over and while still jabbering, he told me, the table should be cleared. Not washing or wiping but returning the tray and utensils to the respective place. 

Now, my say about Kodawari (self-service) - won’t totally agree its authentic Japanese food. I've dined at the real-real Japanese restaurants where you pay a bomb for the air-flown fresh ingredients. Here – affordable and the convenient way to udon and tempura. 

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