Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jiro Shabu - USJ, Subang Jaya

Jiro Shabu, indeed for the Japanese dip-dip/steamboat. Quite a variety of choices and opt between the types of thinly sliced meat (pork, chicken and lamb), the vegetables, the broth/soups and noodles as per the menu. Perhaps you would also prefer or would like to top up your meal with a couple of items from the conveyor/kaiten belt items that got me spilling for a while. And there’s the beverages and for the chill burst, ice cream.

I was alone, so logically the “one person” pork set meal – veggies, sliced pork and for the soup, tom yam please! Into the simmered soup, I added the items and of course, the chilli-chilli dips (self-service) the must have spiciness for every meal. This meal, filling enough but for me, too much to handle. The noodle I didn’t touch neither did I add in the broth. I mean why waste if you can’t eat. 

While and after eating, the spiciness washed down with the hot green tea and the fresh slice of watermelon. Thereafter came the tiny glass of lime juice with crushed ice and over a bed of ice. Looking at the drink, I didn’t know what to do. I thought to wash my hands (seriously, I thought so). I stared at the drink and then called the foreign waiter to ask. Well, the drink to gulp down at one go after the meal. Concentrated, refreshing and chilled, so little, mmm!! Definitely wasn't enough. 

Jiro Shabu - I won’t mind returning again. I like soupy food, price I can pay (RM20.90 inclusive of a dollar for the wet towel) and it is a decent place for the “don’t disturb me, I prefer to eat alone” days. 

Jiro Shabu
7, Jalan USJ 10/1A
Subang Jaya

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  1. I like the Idea of this place, add what you want. I would have seriously thought the same about the lime juice. :D

  2. I'm impressed how you're so willing to try every kind of cuisine! Another interesting place to visit!

  3. Liked the way they served the drink

  4. I never knew the steam boat concept until I saw Kylie Kwong showing it on her TV show. I would really like to go fr this kind of meal.. loved the food

  5. Your pics are really tempting and I really feel to eat them......... :)


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