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Interlude - Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Interlude by far is the 1st international Tapas bar in Malaysia. The brainchild of Rabin the owner, this contemporary and edgy bar-cum-restaurant certainly has been drawing near and afar regular and new customers. With Rabin’s expertise and experience as a chef in Australia, coupled with a knowledgeable journey at a culinary school also from Australia, Interlude is the place for the affordable-inventive fine dining food and inspiring cocktails. Besides the various type of Tapas, worth mentioning are the Chilled Terrine, Laksa Bisque, Pan-Grilled Snapper and 17Hr Slow Cooked Pork Belly and the homemade “Orange Cheesecake.

Returning back to a familiar area after a lapse of many years, those unforgettable “swingout” memories put a “cheeky” smile on my face. The already sunk deep down “Titanic” pub wasn’t a favorite but hei! I sure was one of the customers.  And now, upon walking into Interlude, simply irresistible was the temptation for a cocktail.

Rainbow Shot.
 Black Widow - Vodka, Kahlua and Guiness Stout.

Melon Margarita - Tequila, Midori Melon and Honeydew. 

Then again, knowing myself well, the one drink wouldn’t be the end to many more till the wee hours. So, politely I declined and settled for the Virgin Apple Mojito (virgin?ahem!! Seem like a long time ago). The “like a virgin” mocktail (other virgins as well on the menu) I sipped before the start to the beautifully-stylishly presented array of dishes.  

Interlude’s 250gm Beef Burger – RM32
250gm beef patty served with onion rings
Ultimate Interlude Pork Burger – RM26
Served with chips
Add on bacon (RM4), Fried Egg (RM4), Cheese (RM4)
Pork Nachos – RM28
Tortilla chips with pork / chicken guacamole, sour cream and cheese
17 Hours Pork Belly
Chicken Sandwich –RM26
Toasted focaccia bread with crumbed chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, served with fries.
Add on bacon (RM4), Fried Egg (RM4), Cheese (RM4)
Bacon Sandwich – RM28
Toasted focaccia bread with pork bacon, cheese and Guinness barbeque sauce.
Add on bacon (RM4), Fried Egg (RM4), Cheese (RM4)
Quattro Pork Pizza – RM28
Lap Cheong sausage, pork bacon, crispy pork belly and chorizo
Nantua of Spaghetti with Seasonal Seafood – RM30
Chicken Parmagiana – RM30 
Shallow fried chicken breast with marinara sauce and cheese served with chips and salad.
Caramel Trifle – RM22
Okay, so I tasted and I drooled over the impressive flavors of the dishes. The bread and burger items and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside chicken generously topped with oozy cheese, after a bite or two, by right should be raved for the subtleness and hearty portions. But for my strong typical Malaysian palate, I truly appreciated the interplay and complex tastes of the Pork Nachos, Tortilla Chips and Nantua. These dishes with lots “going on inside” and elevated with the sweet-sour-cheesy-mild spiciness, absolutely showcased the Asian Twist.  Also, though I’ve never been a fan of pizza, the thin crispy” Quattro Pork” pizza I loved especially for the favorite lap cheong. Unlike the commercial pizzas, this one a class above the rest without stinging on the ingredients and I strongly recommend you should try. 

And now let me highlight the other remarkable dish at Interlude – well, the Pork Belly I triple loved and will forever remain as the number one favourite. Carefully, preciously and patiently made, the tender meat indeed the melting moment and with the creamy thick sauce infused with herbs and spices, I bet you will return for more. Not an avid lover of sweet stuffs, to my own surprise, I praised the “Caramel Trifle”, also startling for its plenty of flavors without being overly sweet and that you won’t stop spooning deep into the velvety interwoven dessert.   

Thank you Interlude. I will be back again for the Happy Hours to start with the “Green Winter” (the signature cocktail) and “Sweet Potato Wedges”. Certain it is, the more I drink, the better the live music (every Friday) will sound or louder the sound of nava k.

Address: 50, Lorong Rahim Kalai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact no:  03-77337119
Business Hours: Tue-Sun 4.00pm – 2.00am, Monday Closed

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  1. Burger look absolutely mouth watering

  2. really liked how hey served everything
    Happy Monday

  3. I must say you are great traveler. You have seen the world. Beautiful pictures and great food. Love it. :)

  4. You got me very hungry this place rick with all that delicious food.

  5. The food really tempted my taste buds.. m so hungry now

  6. Great food. This place sounds perfect for those sit with friends, have a fun talk and have a great food /drinks. That Caramel triffle <3

  7. Those cocktails look tempting. :)
    Happy Christmas! :)


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