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Honey Creme - Desa Seri Hartamas (Kuala Lumpur)

So I was among the invited guests, media and fellow bloggers for the official launch of the organic premium soft-serve ice cream brand, Honey Crème Desa at Seri Hartamas. A couple of pictures first and quietly I sat at the corner before being the first or No 1 at the counter. Indeed, a wise choice for I opted for the Affogato Soft-Serve, a must try for coffee aficionados. Creamy honey cream accented by drizzles of strong aromatic espresso gives off a bitter-sweet sensation that is bound to please coffee lovers. The sight of warm espresso, cascading over the cold signature fluffy, light velvety texture and creamy milky taste with slight salty undertones, unlike conventional ice creams which can be too creamy or artificially sweet and rich, it is a comforting juxtapose for tired souls needing a pick-me-up. 

As I slowly and luxuriously indulged in the unique flavours and presentation especially the ice cream, specially hand-crafted with premium organic ingredients from all over the world including South Korea’s top organic milk and creams, the rest behind the line opted for the healthier option with nutritional toppings like raw honeycomb, organic mixed grains, heart-healthy dark chocolate or simply the sinfully indulgent choice of popcorn or cotton candy toppings.  

The Honeycomb Soft Serve, crowned with a golden chunk of raw honey comb is truly a sight to behold and a delight to the palate. According to Honey Creme, raw honeycomb provides a natural sweetness, omitting the need for artificial sugar sweeteners. Novelty aside, these golden nuggets are a nutritional powerhouse, prized as a health tonic since ancient times. Sourced from the prestige bee farms globally, Honey Creme’s inclusion of raw honeycomb adds a variety of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and other health giving properties into each serving of delectable soft serve. This healthy dessert topping is a firm favourite with celebrity Victoria Song from Korean band f(x).
If you're feeling wistful or dreamy, a twist of cotton candy made from the finest organic sugar on your treat will only serve to evoke sweet childhood memories whilst leaving a delectable taste on your tongue. Unlike the usual colour-infused cottony treat, Honey Creme’s fluffy white version does not contain any artificial colouring and flavouring. Sweet cotton candy studded with specks of Italian pink rock salt is a play of contrast on the tastebuds. Light and airy white spun sugar on a bed of velvety cool soft serve will leave you feeling light-hearted, as if you have walked through the clouds.
The caramelized Popcorn option brings the adventurous taste of soft, yet crunchy American corn and Honey Creme into one synergistic burst of flavours that will leave you begging for more. Crisp, crunchy caramel capped around Honey Creme’s light creamy soft serve are like resplendent lights on a snowy top.
Dubbed by the people behind Honey Creme as ‘the nutritional ice-cream’, the Organic Mixed Grain is the choice for the waist or health conscious. The organic mixed grains blend of several nutritious grains and seeds (soy beans, brown rice, black sesame seeds, flax seeds, black beans, oats, rye, black glutinous rice, pearl barley) presents a unique multi layered aroma paired with the delectable taste of caramel that is drizzled to the soft serve. Based on a recipe created by renowned Korean royal court physician, Dae Jang Geum, this specific diet trend is prolific in Korea; which probably explains why Korean women are so often envied for their lithe figures.
Available in cups or cones, a myriad of other flavours can be found at their outlet. Honey Creme is a Korean-style premium organic soft-serve ice cream brand, conceived through a fruitful Korean-Taiwanese business partnership. Its unique flavours and topping combinations can be credited to the ingenious health-conscious Korean partners while their Taiwanese allies are the marketing maestros behind Honey Creme’s cult following. Honey Creme has been enjoying brisk sales in countries such as home country Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia.

Thank you Honey Crème Hartamas 
Address: 20, Jalan 27/70A Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Monday to Thursday 12pm – 10pm
Friday to Sunday 12pm – 11pm
Open Daily

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  1. I have never heard of honey creme before bt sweets make me go weak in my knees.. wud have loved to try it..

  2. O my my this is so interesting and yummy!! Though its freezing cool here yet I wanna eat that icecream :P

  3. wow look nice :) will give it a try ~


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