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For Goodness Cakes - Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

If not for the co-driver who willingly drove me to “For Goodness Cakes”, I would have cried buckets of tears driving along the narrow lanes with cars parked on both sides at Desa Sri Hartamas. Well, I suppose the rapid boom of this area as a food haven pretty much sums up the nightmare or so called “day-mare” traffic even on weekends. Then again, the hassle of traffic-parking I am certain is part and parcel of our daily lives in other areas as well. I for once don’t like the crawl but I guess, it’s unavoidable.

Anyway, arriving way earlier at this family and kid friendly café, a little lost I was where to sit as the café was abuzz with customers and the good vibes certainly I didn’t want to interrupt. I then for a moment stood in front of the food/work counter and despite being busy, Ms. Sheila greeted me.
At that juncture, honestly, I didn’t know she is one of the owners. Only after the slightest moment of noticing her passion and enthusiasm with the customers. I put two and two together. I also later found out that the critical success factors of the café are in the good hands of the 5 wondrous ladies. Kudos to them for being the strength behind and in front of the reputed affordable home cooked food.

Drawing new and regular customers from near and afar, the café’s well-thought ambiance certainly reflects a homey, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Blue the main color theme is beautifully coordinated with white walls, dark brown tables and chairs, pictures on the wall, the napkins, plants and the note on the reading materials rack certainly put a smile on my face.

The menu you don’t have to call for because it is there on the table. More to that, other food and drinks are clearly listed on the chalk boards behind the spick-and-span work area/counter. Upon entering the café, you will see the baked in small batches fresh as ever homemade cakes you can pack back as well. Also, based on customers feedback, the café has been continuously focusing and improvising the good old recipes for the good classic butter cake, sugee cake, banana cake etc etc.

As the name of the café suggests, cakes obviously are the signature but there’s a good number of “made there and then” fresh meals for breakfasts, brunches and lunches. Tea time, obviously I don’t have to say. During this food review (courtesy of Foodink), I sampled a variety of dishes, starting with thee awesome big breakfast (RM29.90). Perhaps you feel is slightly pricey but let me tell you that it’s a hearty meal consisting of 2 eggs any styles (scrambled, omelette, over easy & sunny side up), lamb sausage, roast cubed potatoes, grilled tomatoes & mushroom, served with country bread. Eggs any styles forever my favorite. Truly fluffy and soft the scrambled style though lacked a little salt.
The no-frill roasted and chewable roasted cubed potatoes I'm sure none of us can resist, the odourless and non-rubbery lamb sausage I easily cut a small piece with a fork, the sautéed mushrooms juicy and flavourful and the grilled tomatoes and bread has never been my friends.   

The spicy sambal in the local Heat/Nasi Lemak Biasa (RM11.90) was the clear winner. Never mind it wagged my tongue but I still loved-loved-loved the perfect fit spiciness. The grainy-soft coconut milk rice eaten with the “power rangers” sambal, egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and cucumber, this nasi lemak the true calling wholesome deliciousness. So close I was in asking for extra sambal but shy-lah!!
Visually appealing, the French crepes (Breakfast ‘Cakes/crepe pancakes with maple syrup - RM11.90) of course were thin and delicate. With a generous or careful splash of the maple syrup, even someone like me who don’t like sweet stuffs, I happily ate. Should I return to this café, this dish I will call for to be shared with my lunch companion.    
Bread as I’ve said earlier, no matter how hard I try, won’t go down well on my taste buds. Still, the Frenchie/French toast (white bread) with maple syrup (RM11.90), well, I tasted just a small piece. Otherwise I shouldn't consider myself as an adventurous foodie. Crispy-crunchy exterior and a rich creamy interior, the toast with the maple syrup I liked but not with the fruity coolies.  
The Cheese on Toast (RM12.90) definitely was captivating because of the generous oozy cheese atop the tomato and whole meal bread, paired with crunchy fresh salad. Cheesy toast I still won’t list as a favourite but I won’t mind considering and the salad, of course for the healthiness. 
Purely a vegetarian version, the thick and creamy Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Soup (RM10.90) with pumpkin pureness, indeed superbly splendid and dipped with the toast, satisfyingly tasty. This soup certainly I will order again and again.
As I scooped the Mushroom with Chestnut Soup (RM10.90), honestly, I had no clue whatsoever that chestnut is the other core ingredient. No excuses I know. As a foodie, I should have looked at the menu. Then again, with such an incredibly tasty thick soup, I just sat back and enjoyed every spoonful of the subtle flavors that kicked quite a punch. This soup I have also bookmarked but given a choice, the darling pumpkin soup I won’t let go.
An interesting name calling dish (Stuffed It Right -RM15.90), the omelette tucked/filled with cheese, onion rings, mushroom piece and cheese, seldom I make at home. Even if I did, pretty sure it can’t be anything close to the gooeyness and ooziness as this one.  
As for the beverages/drinks, I opted for the Happy Morning Tea (RM7.90) whereas the others ordered Cappuccino – RM9.90 (sorry peeps, picture went missing), Mocha – RM10.90
Fizzi Goodness – RM7.90
Carrot Juice – RM10.90
Hot Chocolate – RM9.90
The "Happy"tea didn’t make my afternoon happier but it did calm my body, mind and soul.
The Brownies (Peanut Butter / Raspberry / Original – RM6.00) and tiramisu were the embellished sweet renditions before the day was called. I had just a little pop of the brownies, sweet of course as well as lacy with a thin layer of crispiness. 

The not overly sweet tiramisu (RM8.90), I actually preferred for its rich and bold blend of quality cheese, cocoa and coffee.    
At “For Goodness Cakes”, they frequently organize in-house events like the 1-Pot-of-Goodness whereby invited guest chefs make their specialty or for the Saturday Lunch Special, there’s dishes not normally found on their regular menu.  Moreover, the homemade cakes you can order for occasions or for the feel good factor and the ladies sure have vast experiences of organizing birthday parties, lunches, hi-teas and dinners for customers from all walked of life.

For Goodness Cakes
Address: 36 (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact no:  03-62116782

Business Hours:
Mon-Wed 9.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday Closed
Fri 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat-Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm

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