Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cafe Olle, Desa Sri Hartamas (Kuala Lumpur)

Too many twisted saga on my mind until emails I skimmed through instead of getting nitty-gritty. The opening launch supposedly the following week but??  Believing I will fly up-up and away as a blogger, I came over on this Saturday. Upon realising there were no skimpy beauty queens and kings posing in front of the outlet, to bribe (under the table still a norm) the co-pilot, at first I thought of "tosai" and later, oh-well-well-well, a Western breakfast guaranteed to keep him quiet.

Standing in front of the famous “Hartamas Square” (Backofen & For Goodness Cakes) I literally had to distract the co-pilot who forever busy on the phone (sigh!! he receives more calls than the Prime Minister) and pointed to Cafe Olle. At the self-service counter in this similar to most cafes, (wooden tables and chairs and WiFi a must) I ordered Breakfast B and since Indian Coffee was not listed (maybe a mistake, hehehe!!), Cafe Latte and Green Tea Cappuccino to kick hard the morning.

The cakes (so normal at Hartamas) I wasn't interested and the honey without the bunny, no money no honey and also, soon, free honey as the bubble bees are busily building a nest in front of my house.

Co-pilot took his own time to end the phone call, thereafter joined me. Drinks crawled first and the breakfast crawled slower than the tortoise to the table. The breakfast B (scramble egg atop bread, sausage, potatoes salad, baked beans and chilli sauce) I felt we can share but a wrong checkmate because co-pilot hungrily throned.  
He ate and I knew it was a nice filling meal for him. The green tea cappuccino I was also impressed with though it begged for a little sugar whereas the latte with a ghost-buster face (no, no, not my face), the co-pilot commented - "tea tarik definitely better  - lots of sugar and cheaper”. Mmm!! I rest my case. 

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  1. DOnt quite understand...err... means you went early a week instead? Well, personally i think it is better this way coz you get to enjoy the "real" food that they are giving the customers instead of the perfect food that is usually present during launching.

    Anyway, since the co-pilot walloped everything...means food there is good. :)

    Happy 2016 to you

  2. As usual the food looks beautiful! I just got back from my brief holiday and blog-hopping now.:) Happy New Year, Nava!

  3. Green tea cappuccino sounds interesting, Nava! Love the coffee art, dear! xoxo

  4. I will not mind having a plate of breakfast in this cool place. Have a blessing 2016 Happy New Year.

  5. Nice variety,it's quite normal for the co pilot to be busy.

  6. This place is so cool for a nice bite and with coffee will make it worth it.. loved it

  7. looks like a great place :)


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