Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Backofen - Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Looking back at Seri Hartamas, really, what should I say?? No doubt plenty of memories though those already classified as the “X-Files”. Then again, no harm in being honest, spilling the beans or letting the cat out of the bag. Such, the gist is the partying years till the wee hours. Yep, those hay years especially the Fridays and Saturdays for the “breakout, break for the weekend” at the clubs/pubs with glasses of alcohol and gallons of beer and still save and sound to drive home in one piece. But now and over the last 15 years or so? No more "this boots are made for dancing" and being seen at the action packed grounds with the so called “BFF/Swingout Sisters”. Cheaper of course entertainment at home over a glass of wine, before announcing on social media - “Got to go everyone. An early day tomorrow at the temple. God bless you".  

Returning again to Hartamas, I clearly remembered the good old years, met the owner of Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty and before the “ripping apart” healing massage at Sunway Giza, we lunched at Backofen - pretty much a cafĂ©, air-conditioned, comfortable dark brown tables and chairs, the counter for moving the food and drinks in and out and cakes in the glass chiller facing the entrance. Cleanliness – pass. Neatness – border pass. The menu – substantial Western/Asian selections.

The fastest I was told is the set lunch (within RM15.00). So, fish set meal for two – bread, tomato soup and dory fish in creamy sauce, paired with 2 pieces of fried chunky potatoes and a salad (a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber and two tiny salad leaves) with tartar sauce atop.The soup – I like my soups piping hot. This one wasn't. The thick-bright soup, boleh tahan/acceptable and the spill on the soup cup, someone must have "rock steady". The ordinary bread - dip in the soup or as you please.
The salad - quite a sad thing and dory fish with creamy sauce, I struggled to eat. In fact, just so little. My lunch companion, he didn’t comment neither I was keen to know. But I sort of gathered he wasn't pleased either. Such a set meal perhaps will be good for the toddlers.
Backofen for the affordable food and drinks? Honestly, I don't think I will be back often despite highly spoken about by other foodies.  

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  1. All of this food looks divine great place to have breakfast and be satify.

  2. soup looks just perfect
    keep in touch

  3. Oh disappointing... presentation was good though :)

  4. I liked ur honest review like always .. atleast u dnt write like others praising the brand uneccessarily

  5. The food looks really good!
    Happy New Year,dear Nava!
    May the coming year be the best!


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