Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Skin18 (W.H.P. White Hydrating Charcoal-Mineral Mask)

Good skin - well, we are born with but over the years with the wear and tear of life - stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and pollution, the luscious skin I’m sorry to say won’t remain the same anymore. More so, skin will age faster if you neglect or stop caring. Looking older I’m sure is not something to be proud of and when you are unhappy with your skin, everything else seem crashing down. Thus, essentially no matter what, the daily beauty routine is a must and do include the simple home facials for the goodness of improving/maintaining the skin. Furthermore, the "comfort of the home" facials are wonderfully relaxing and a great way to de-stress. 

Skin care products for facials and for daily use I don't want to elaborate on the choices. But remember, the preference has to be the affordable products, conveniently available on-line at the stroke of the hands and definitely based on natural ingredients and innovative ideas. Unquestionably I am referring to Skin18, highly recommended and let me tell you more by sharing my experience with the first mask I tried. 

From the neatly-nicely packed products I received 4 days ago (thank you Ms Eugenie Shek) and at that point of time, the W.H.P mask I knew will do a whole lot of justice to wake up my tired and dull skin by quenching in hydration and glow.With a couple of events on the weekend, certainly I didn't want friends and relatives to comment about my tiredness neither ask why I look run down. So, the mask I applied a day earlier.
This mask formulated with white hydrating power you can't go wrong as the product information, the benefits and how to use clearly stated on the packet. A unique invention and unlike the common white types of masks, this professional skin management mask is black. rather thin and truly soaked in the highly concentrated formulation. The essence once the mask touches your fingers, you sure know its different. Well the gut feeling I would say even before using.  

To use, tear the packet, gently remove the mask, fit on your clean face, leave on for 10 to 20 minutes and preferably don't go out of the house. Otherwise your neighbours will be all shaken up (see my picture and you sure will know why). The sticky essence on your fingers, please do not waste. Apply on your neck, shoulders and all the way down or up on both hands. After removing the mask, massage/tap the essence all over the face for further absorption. The used mask you put back in the packet and after showering, squeeze out the essence to apply on the body for the same benefits.  

I used the mask in the evening so that my skin can breathe in the essence till the next morning before washing off. Indeed, all that hydration, brightening and calming goodness absorbed from the intensive treatment mask into my skin. Unbelievably and incredibly I noticed the difference in my skin.

Thus, before the morning event, I didn't have to hide my skin with lots of make-up. Just the minimalistic-natural look with sunblock and a swipe of compact powder. 
Now, I'm sure you are going like - she sounds as though she's over-exaggerating. And that there's other Korean products everywhere and every now and then a new brand in our Malaysian market, Okay, I have tried some of the products and though not my intention to be critical, honestly, I won't speak favourably. To this Skin18 mask for the time being and while I am going to be busy trying the rest of the products, thumbs up all the way. And you know what? My half-half even commented that my skin is glowing which seldom I hear.    

So beauties, Skin18 is just a click away. Click for the range of amazing products waiting for you.   

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  1. Sounds like an interesting product! Wish we get it here, would love to try this!

  2. so many choices I really don;t know to go for which one.

    But my beautician said my skin very dry. Guess I might go for the hydrating mask

  3. Nava, I'm a sucker for face masks especially the hydrating ones. Love the last pix; you look like an angel! xoxo

  4. Too bad I can't simply use any product that I want on my face due to SENSITIVE skin ); you look great on last picture :)

  5. I am gonna try this for sure....thank you

  6. I am loving these sheet masks .. have tried only one so far,,,, i see it worked well for u as well :)


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