Monday, November 2, 2015

Royal Selangor Club - Dataran Merdeka (Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur)

Breakfast in Tiffany will be a dream come true. And yes, I am perfectly aware breakfast in Tiffany is a movie but such a place does exist. Yes, it does. I know. I did my homework to be absolutely sure. Breakfast in Tiffany's somewhere in Northern California but I am not going to tell exactly where unless of course who knows in the future I will there having breakfast. Hopefully! Keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, breakfast has never been in my life. Truly never and I know not good for my well-being. Still, after many moons, breakfast in Royal Selangor Club at 9.00am such a cherishable out of the blues experience. I woke up at 6am, hopped in the friend's car and in the bustling city like a tourist from never-never land. 

The three of us had to jump start the day. We had to because of the important mission impossible. Before that, the friend a member of Royal Selangor Club insisted on breakfast. Shocking discovery for him to find out that only a lame person like me give excuses to skip the morning meal. He insisted and I agreed. Well, I needed to replenish my energy to walk to the next place since we have decided to safe keep the car here instead of aimlessly driving around not knowing where to park. Also, parking in KL can burnt a hole in the pocket.

Spacious and facing the beautiful garden and Dataran Merdeka field, the dining area is clean, neat and classy especially the table cloth though not sure if original leather. Here if you sit near the verandah and look across, you will feel as though you have walked back to history when Malaya was ruled by the British, the era of Yap Ah Loy and back then mining town.

Breakfast is pretty straightforward. You can decide immediately. From the laminated menu, opt between the 4 Western sets or the nasi lemak Malaysian set. We opted for set A and set B. The service during this hour you have jump, call or wave. Maybe, I'm not so sure, perhaps I think we were early that they were not ready. Anyhow, after a while, came the sweet demure female staff and we politely told - "Can you please take our orders". The order to the kitchen just behind where we sat and quite a wait as well to arrive.

For set A, a breakfast platter of double sunny side eggs, harsh brown, salad, baked beans, white bread with butter and jam and hot coffee. For set B the same except for fried egg. Neatly plated in a stylish plate, the "rise and shine" sets were the complete wholesome morning start. Filling for small eaters, nutritious, well prepared and at one look, will awake you. Nothing special neither lavish yet you won't hesitate to eat without fussing.

Taste-wise, what's there to say about such a simple breakfast? Basically as long as not salty and over-cooked, you should appreciate. I was satisfied and the friends couldn't agree more. This reasonably priced breakfast you don't have to rush through if you have retired. Eat and chat about the never-ending complicated life issues while glancing at the soothing green-green grass of Dataran Merdeka. And later topple some drinks at the bar and home sweet home in one piece. We wished we could have stayed a little longer but as said, we had to get going to other place. Breakfast it may not have been in tiffany’s but breakfast in Royal Selangor Club unassumingly so close there.  

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  1. Sometimes simple food is the best .. it just makes u feel good.. loved this place

  2. It looks like a lovely place to enjoy a good breakfast!

  3. Food look really delicious.And seems this is a relaxing and spacious place...

  4. It's interesting to know that you can have breakfast in Royal Selangor tho simple :D

  5. I'm amazed to see the range of eating places and the food that you share. Always a treat to see such variety.


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