Friday, November 13, 2015

Ohana Recipes - Jalan SS15/4b, Subang Jaya

If not 100%, let’s says 70% of confidence we know is the step to success. Confidence I too strongly believe is the powerful booster to succeed. That confidence prominently noted in the email from Ohana Recipes to nava k. Those bold words - The Best Curry Mee - No Joke" socked me off immediately and the curry mee picture another knock out. Curry mee, the best and no joke?? How, tell me how can I refuse? Impossible. After all, I am a big or shall I say the biggest fan of a bowl of noodles generously drenched with curry.

Okay! Okay! Excitement aside, plan worked out and on this Sunday, we arrived at the ever busy SS15 Subang Jaya. Parking here on weekends is still tight but you can park along the road or at Subang Square but double or triple parking, I have nothing to say. You decide. The road map to Ohana Recipes is super easy with waze and for me, I returned to the familiar area. Remember I used to faithfully and passionately work at the nearby college? Thus, indeed a small-time walk back to the memory as we walked along the row of shops before entering Ohana.
The menu on the clipboard with clean sheets featuring the food and drinks you flip over and decide what to call for in the bright and no frill dining area with the open kitchen you can see from where you are seated. Even before walking into Ohana Recipes, you can sort of get an idea on the concept of the home style food and drinks. Outside, there’s the banner, the menu on the stand and food pictured on the exterior as well as interior. And if you dining alone or it’s your habit to read while eating, there’s the reading materials.


For our food trail, basically very simple. The curry we were told is the signature, the must try. The curry with the mee, chicken, long beans and tofu pok I tried whereas half-half opted for the fish ball with toast. The regular portion curry noodles apparently enough for a regular eater. For me, I couldn't finish up the noodles but the curry, slurp! slurp and slurp non stop. The curry - spicy, truly spicy and fiery. 

The heat you will feel once the curry goes down the throat and the spiciness equivalent to an Indian curry. Unlike at other eateries where curry mee is paired with the sambal, for this curry noodles you don’t get and you don’t need. This curry sudah cukup/enough to sweat up if you not at our level of spiciness and guess what? The Chinese customers love this “simply irresistible” curry. 
The curry the formula from the big bags of skills of the chef from Taiping - ingredients carefully selected and traditional grounded instead of short cuts of blending in the electric kitchen utensils. Chef came around and we spoke about how curry actually volume up when made a day ahead. Chef  - Aiyo! So pleasant and smiley lah! Get to know him and and you will know what I mean.
The curry fish ball with toast - springy home made fresh fish balls in the same type of curry and the toast "dip-dip" in the curry. The other half-half tasted and overly approved by nodding his head. 

Done with those two dishes, next the toast with sardine and cheese - generous, really generously topped with cheese over the fluffy toasted bread but we felt that a little too much cheese to over-shine the sardine. Still, a good dish that came fresh-fresh and hot once made, almost immediately out of the kitchen.  
While half-half sipped the black sugarless coffee, I had the organic soy bean curd. Super smooth, really smooth, no lumps, creamy and wobbly and just the right burst of sweetness, this curd once you take a spoon full, you feel  the “smooth operator” texture for the melt by itself moment. Certainly not the same as the tau foo fah/soy curd from the road side stalls. This one special, special because organic. Maybe slightly expensive but at RM3.50, we can pay right??    

The blended red bean drink or smoothie made with simmered soft beans and topped with ice another signature of Ohana. Certainly it is the drink after the bowl of curry mee to quash the heat down. At this juncture before more food came calling, I gently reminded again- please enough, don't waste because stomach capacity that much only.

Now coming back to the "The best curry mee, no joke” in the email - the curry won my heart, the curry I truly love and the curry as well as the other food and drinks in Ohana Recipes won't burn a hole in your pocket. Vegetarians, there's choices for you and the other I must mention, the little hand made paper basket for the hygiene factor - no joke. Impressive. 
Thank you so much Ohana Recipes. Truly appreciated the warmest hospitality. From here, our next food trail is to Mulgudi Indian food. This one I know my Indian man is definitely looking forward to. 
Ohana Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. i am a huge fan of noodle soups, good to see a veg option in menu too
    Keep in touch

  2. Liked the pic that you are enjoying the food

  3. I enjoy cafes that allow diners to do add-ons. It's a win-win for all! xoxo

  4. Food looks wonderful! Good to see you enjoying it!

  5. Now I need a large bowl of noodle soup for the lunch!

  6. They all look yummy to me and the drinks are refreshing.

  7. omg the food here was certainly tempting especially the curry me.. m hungry now


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