Saturday, November 28, 2015

KimchiHaru - SS15, Subang Jaya

My other half-half no doubt is sort of or claims to be an adventurous foodie. But so strange, he wouldn’t try Korean food. Perception I suppose that the theme for Korean food is always pork. I tried to explain that is not so. Well, despite convincing him, he didn’t want to follow me to this restaurant. Never mind, there’s always foodie friends on standby. 

Thus, I arrived with one of them at about 12.30pm and up we went to the first Floor. The menu came and my so called foodie friend went blank because Korean food she has never tried before. What shall I say?? So, I ordered two dishes and drinks, she played safe and ordered ice lemon tea whereas I opted for Korean aloe yoghurt.

While waiting for the food and drinks, we turned around to see who the customers are. Mostly groups of college students loudly talking and happily eating in the spacious and well maintained dining area with white walls and chairs. The start to this lunch, the appetizers – the spicy tad bit of salty kimchi (kimchi always with cabbage right??) and the other (two sets) – peanuts, veggie, pickled onion and egg rolls. We eat, we loved and the appetizing kimchi I must rave. Anyway, anything spicy I will go like - aahh!! Super-duper yum. 

The drinks – ice lemon tea? What’s there to say? The Korean aloe yoghurt – certainly I don’t know the difference in taste between local aloe and Korean aloe. Well, nice the chilled drink to wet the dry tongue before the meal.

Now, for the mains. The stone bulogoki bibimbap – hot rice with minced chicken, thinly sliced cabbage, carrot, radish, seaweed, salty veggie, green veggie and runny egg atop, accompanied with a simple soup. An appetizing healthy dish for the crunch from the veggies.

The tuna kimchi jigae – various ingredients swimming in the fiery soup including the tuna chunks. This dish I didn’t regret ordering and when eaten with the rice, you will struggle to get up and walk out of the restaurant. 

We paid around RM45.00 and one thing was certain, my foodie friend was happy I introduced her to Korean food. 

1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4D
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-56120020

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  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Food looks lovely! Korean food is something I want to try out but it'll have to wait for my next Delhi trip!:)

  2. Sounds interesting! Wonder how I would react to Korean food!!

  3. I never tried Korean food...... Your post is tempting me to try some...... :)

  4. Am not really a fan of korea food . But a friend of mine is a de hard fan of kimchi. she would go crazy if she can have this LOL

  5. Overall I found this a decent place with good food after I read ur review.... always good to try different food at restaurants.. Lucky u :)


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