Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil With High Purity Olive Oil

We have  to decide. Yes, we must. Somehow or rather, there will come a point in time we got to decide. If not daily, every now and then. More aptly, when we have to replenish our beauty products. I am sure we all do,  I am certain we can, unless of course if you prefer to stay put with the same products. You can if you want to, no harm done. I on the other hand, I like to venture a bit. Remember, the last time we spoke about budget and cleansing oils (Shu Uemura Subtlime Cleansing Oil, Body Shop White Shiso Cleansing Oil and Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil). That's right beauties. So, I was back at Guardian and I picked up Hada Labo Cleansing Oil With High Purity Olive Oil (RM52.85) on an ad hoc basis. No particular reason whatsoever, I of course read through the product information. Clearly listed, nothing confusing, forget about trying to gasp whats been said in Japanese language, unless you can read and write Japanese. 

Packaged in a fuss-free, practical and hygienic tall bottle with a pump, Hada Labo Cleansing Oil With High Purity Olive Oil is colourless, somewhat thin and runny and does not smell like olives. I was surprise as well. I was under the impression that it should be yellow and should smell like olives. But that is the case. Its just that bottle is yellow, maybe, I'm guessing, to indicate it is an oil cleanser. But why? Puzzling. Perhaps for an attractive packaging, whatever, once you apply and then massage with water, it emulsifies and turns milky. Fine. I have no qualms.  
Non greasy, and easily spreading, it washes away without leaving behind any residue. It does a good job in in removing dirt without stripping away skin's natural oils. However, it didn't remove my stubborn make-up especially waterproof mascaras and heavy duty eye liners. Sadly also, it clogged up my nose and under my eye area. Olive oil I believe is the reason, somewhat strong for my sensitive-combination skin. That too even with once a day use. What about its super hyaluronic acid formula? I am still wondering. I really didn't see any benefits, Hada Labo Cleansing Oil With High Purity Olive Oil is basically a basic oil for cleansing. Sincerely, I am not all hyped up. Actually, I sort of regretted buying. To say its cheap, no, I don't think I will consider it again. I'm sure I can get better deals from other brands.  

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  1. From olive? That must be very good. I have a friend who swear by olive oil to keep his youthful look. he even drink a spoonful of olive oil daily

  2. "mushi-mushi" language ha ha :D Thanks for the honest review. I seriously need to try the cleansing oil.

  3. Yeah I too agree, olive oil is too good for skin and hair.. Btw great explanation..

    Sowmia - Sowmia's Galley

  4. When i read the first part of ur review I was excited bt sadly it is not that great.. seems like ordinary cud have been amazing from what they claimed.. nice review

  5. I am glad you shared your view exactly what you felt...

  6. I hate it when these products leads to blackheads.

  7. Great review is sad it clogged the pores.


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