Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bio-Oil (The Scar Specialist) - "My Scar My Story"

"Bio-Oil My Oil". Bio-Oil to hydrate and nourish my face every three to four days once. Containing plant extracts (chamomile, lavender, rosemary and calendula oils), Vitamin A & E and the breakthrough ingredient-PurCellin Oil, the oil works wonderfully to lock-in the loss of moisture I need. Well, when the biological clock stopped "tick-tock-tick-tock" a couple of years ago, this oil has been keeping my skin supple. Albeit its non-sticky and greasy formula, Bio-Oil (Bio-Oil's Be Confident Workshop) a little strong for my sensitive-combination skin, hence impossible for daily use. Breaks me up by slowly activating my oil glands. But as said, its the oil I will still invest for wrinkle-free skin.

And lately, I have been generously luxuriating Bio-Oil on my body and sure enough, the absorption of moisture and glowing skin I see. Yes, Bio-Oil you can safely use without worrying about side effects - the toxicological profile, chemical structure, level of inclusion and total level of daily exposure of each ingredient has been assessed and deemed safe ( to use (including for use by pregnant women).
Prior to the launch of the "My Scar My Story" campaign, I was told that my personal experience with Bio-oil for scars can be one of the instrument to measure how women cope with the emotional distress due to their scar. Honestly I am scar free, at least on the areas I don't flaunt to the public. Thus, I couldn't think neither cooking up for the "sake" story  I should. Still, it was definitely a knowledgeable experience to be there at the launch, attentively listening to the opening speech/presentation by Ms. Stephanie Ng, Bio-Oil Malaysia Product Manager and Dr Nazirin Ariffin, Resident Consultant Dermatologist from Pantai Hospital/Consultant Dermatologist/Aesthetic Consultant at Nazirin Skin Centre, thereafter questions from the floor during the Q & A session.

Bio-Oil "My Scar My Story" is the on-line platform offering women inspiration and solutions to their scars. Also, to bring Malaysian women together to share their scar story and solutions to their problems, as a  way of inspiring women who are undergoing emotional distress due to their scar stories. Through this campaign, women will learn the many ways of coping with scars pro-actively instead of just hiding their scars from the eyes of the public. "We are confident that "My Scar My Story' will offer real life stories that will serve as an inspiration to may who are suffering both emotionally and physically from scars, said Ms Low Hooi Wan, Bio-Oil's Division Manager of Malaysia and Singapore.
As part of its solution to help women cope with scars, Dr Nazirin will offer professional advice and weekly tips on scar management via the microsite. According to Dr Nazirin - "Most of the scars look bad in the beginning but its appearance will improve over time with good would care, some topcial treatment such as an oil-based ointment and intake of proper nutrition. The continuous use of Bio-Oil can help minimize, reduce and lighten scar. For best results, massage onto the affected area in circular motion twice daily for a minimum of 3 months. Bio-Oil should not be used on broken skin.

The 2-month campaign will end of December 31 with selection of the three best scar stories where winners will get to enjoy a Luxury Retreat Package at a Luxury Retreat Package at a 5-star resort for two worth of up to RM10,000 and a consultative session with Dr Nazirin. There will also be weekly prizes for the five most inspiring stories of the week.So ladies, do come forward and share your Bio-Oil scar story. Your story we look forward to as the advice and guidance for the emotional distress of women who will or are or have gone through the scaring journey.

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  1. I have never tried Bio Oil but heard a lot abt it.. trying so many beauty products so many new brands go unnoticed ... i might try this in future as i hv stretch marks on my tummy due to weight gain and weight loss - story of my life :(

  2. Yes....very useful for women especially :)

    Stretch marks very hard ti get rid off

  3. Very useful info navaneetham.. Tried lot of oils to reduce stretch marks:-(

  4. Not sure if you recall my deep-fried pomfret post some months back. I got an oil splash scar on my hand & I'm applying Bio Oil diligently every day. Hope it doesn't take a year to heal due to my age. Sigh.....


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