Monday, November 16, 2015

Banana Leaf Corner (Kshipra Curry House) - Royal Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka

Eventually the "alls well that ends well" long winded nitty-gritty mission impossible we conquered (Breakfast - Royal Selangor Club). That mission mentally and physically exhausting, thus lunch called soonest possible. Lunch we agreed is convenient at the club instead walking in the city in the unfavourable weather without a clue or two where to "makan-makan/eat". Lunch at the club is between the Malay food or the banana leaf meal in the adjourning block. Agreed. At once we agreed - Kshipra curry house for the "ready-to-eat" by 11.30am freshly cooked dishes displayed at the food counter and listed with the price on the menu like white board. There's the mutton curry, mutton varuval, chicken curry, chicken varuval, stir fried vegetables. egg dishes, the marinated "pick me up, we fry up" items, other dishes and murungai keerai we at once noticed.

To order, you either sit back at the quite bare bones, large and well maintained dining area and order when the staff come by or stand in front of the food counter, tell them and if you don't feel like talking, point to what you want and return to the table. We chose four additional dishes, sat and were attended to almost immediately. The prompt service, well, I am sure you agree is always the case for any early lunch with just a few customers. In fact, we were the earliest customers but soon strolled in the office staff, mostly Indians, the well-dressed professionals, the ever busy on the phone corporate shakers and movers and supposedly the club members as well.
Lunch opened up in the same way as any other banana leaf meal. First the banana leaf, then whichever comes first the rice or veggies of the day, the curries, rasam, papadam and pickle. Substantially filling this standard "re-fill again" meal. But I suppose unless you are a budget eater or a lone ranger, the side dishes for the happy as a family "sharing is caring" inevitably the cultural norm of communal eating.  

Banana leaf meals countless times I have had (Sri Paandi, Sri Grand City, V.P. Curry House and Krishna Curry House). Hence, a tough call figuring out the magical formula(s) of the dishes eaten with rice and by digging in with the washed fingers. I just didn't find anything special. More so now I feel as though I am sitting on the fence. Still, utterly wrong to say the meal wasn't nice but to say fantastic doesn't seem right either. Perhaps best said as a pleasant meal. The cabbage stir fried with dhal, the raita (cabbage, carrot and onion with yoghurt) and long beans stir fried with coconut, spices and dried chillies were fuss free, basic and almost nothing can go wrong with these vegetables. The mutton varuval/dry style with chewable bit-sized meat cooked with spices fared quite right.
The chicken curry - tender chicken in thick masala gravy and the chicken varuval cooked with basically the same spices appeared appealing and fiery. No doubt passable taste but lacked at least the little burst of spiciness on the tip of the tongue. For me, yes, for me, Indian masala dishes without the "spice-me-up" taste I won't compliment.

The murungai keerai stir fried with coconut, onion, garlic, dried chillies and cumin seeds we happily eat for the health benefits. With the bitterness reduced after stir frying with the suitable-always companions, this dish, maybe I wouldn't mind raving.

The mango lassi - oh-well, to quench the thirst and soothe your throat and the fresh orange juice the drink for those who don't like cordial or canned drinks.
Lunch at this banana leaf corner may not be about super tasty food. It is the comfort of a reasonably priced decent meal in the spacious ambiance where you can sit facing the city or the luscious garden, the decent crowd busy discussion business while tucking into the meal and parking, I think first come first served basis for Royal Selangor Club members.
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  1. Seems like a decent place. Mango lassi ..mmm yum :)

  2. i like how food is shared on banana leaf
    Keep in touch

  3. Love the name banana leaf corner :) All the pics are really tempting

  4. TRhanks....will headover there when am in that part of town

  5. I rarely frequent Indian restaurants but there's also a popular restaurant here named Banana Leaf which is widely sought after.

  6. place looks really nice and food looks yummy..

  7. Looks like an decent place to have a meal.

  8. I love eating on a banana leaf,, this is more prominent among south Indians.. waiting for someone to invite me to a south indian wedding.. the dishes were delicious.. yummy :)

  9. That's comfort food. And the name...I love it!

  10. Delicious! I would love to try that chicken curry.


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