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Way Modern Chinois - Work@Clearwater, Bukit Damansara

The way to Way Modern Chinois I made sure I went over a few times - checked here, checked there and got the direction quite on-the-dot until I turned left into Jalan Semantan with Wisma MBSB on the right. And with the early Friday afternoon crawl and the carnival like food bazaar along the tight road, nava-k was all confused. She circled the area and decided no point driving up and down aimlessly. A call to the lunch partner for direction and back again at Jalan Semantan, turn right at the roundabout, then the first and only right turn and Clearwater down the road on the right after Menara Chase Perdana.

Seeing the two lunch partners outside the building, I was truly happy to meet up after so long. By the way, the way to the parking I can’t tell since I had transport, neither would I encourage you to park along the road side. But I sure can tell the way to the entrance of this classy, sensual avant-garde modern cuisine restaurant specializing in contemporary Chinese/Asian cuisine. Take the lift and ding! the sound of the lift before you step inside and realize that Way Modern indeed is different unlike the usual Chinese dim sum restaurant. Here the soft lighting, modern dark furnishing and rose wood panelling for a casual dining experience. The lights I thought a bit dim for a dim sum lunch. Perhaps the mindset said that lights must shine through the food and the customers so that everything is bright and alert.  Also, quite a struggle for a non-amateur photographer like me. Having said that, sometimes it is not about the best pictures in the world but rather relax, enjoy the food and the company.
Anyway, for such a first time food venture in a fine dining restaurant, I couldn't sit down, did my best with the pictures and ordering conveniently left to the lunch partner. She sure knew what to order while I gently reminded not to over-order and waste. The menu I was wondering where as the staff kept tapping the tablet/iPad to show the dishes. Fascinating indeed though I didn't want to see. Instead asking for suggestion was easier and after the small time discussion, we agreed over the set lunch – two sets at least though we tried to negotiate for one so that we can opt for other dishes. But the reply “Sorry miss, it has to be two sets". We then cut down just to one additional dish and for a dim sum meal, nothing like a pot of hot chrysanthemum tea. 

Just as we sat back, first came the kimchi, my all time favourite and this one just spot-on as though flew in directly from Korea.
Thereafter came the Skinless XLB. We looked at each other and froze for a moment. Didn't know what to do, I mean how to eat.  The logic then kicked in. Pop the whole thing in the mouth and sure enough, this dim sum item gently ruptured at the first bite - Plop!! Took a while for us to think over and eventually we agreed skinless XLB is inventive – soup and meat filling converted into a gooey wobbly sphere. Definitely larger than bite size because I almost couldn't fit at one go into my big fat mouth. Still, mission accomplished to feel the hit of the liquefied-foamy vinegar and ginger dip and the flattened open shaped squid ink atop. Certainly after popping, we agreed this dim sum is the twisted turnaround essence of Way modern fine dining Chinese cuisine.
Next came the Pac-Mac platter - steamed prawn dumplings marinated with Szechuan spices & ponzu, mashed avocado and paired with a dark sauce. The sauce I don’t know why we completely ignored?? The mashed avocado with tobiko crisp and meat we truly raved. Loved the bitsy crispy crunch, the soft avocado and the fresh meat. The cute little red dumplings resembling "dollies" I felt sad to eat because they were as though happily grinning to wake-up the Indian sentiment and emotion in me. Whatever, one piece of the dumpling - fresh steamed prawns neatly tucked I think with 2 layers of dumpling skin in the mouth, ranked with a pass and not flying colours.

As we were engrossed with eating and seriously analysing the food, the clear soup with radish and red dates sat sadly at the corner of the table from the start till the end.
Then came the rest of the dishes to crowd the table until I called the staff to clear the empty plates. Now, the Prawn Dumpling with Homemade X.O sauce for the savoury and spicy depths and the golden skinned Crab Roe Dumpling filled with prawn and crab roe - visually and tastefully appealing.
But with only that much of spiciness, I requested for chillies and the ever smiling staff served the prawn based sambal and the sweet chili dip. Between both, the prawn sambal according to my liking to dip the dumpling as well as licked off from the spoon.  

The crispy bean curd skin roll may be a common fare for a dim sum meal but these crispy on the outside with tender bite inside rolls simple in presentation were well executed. The seafood curry nest the other fried stuff all frilled up for the texture – crispy and soft inside. I however didn’t touch these two items. I looked, persuaded the lunch partners and they sort of approved the taste.

The X.O pan fried radish with bean sprouts I would like to sample again. Fried for a thin crispy crunch on the outside, the cake crumbled in the mouth without being too mushy neither sticking with the bean sprouts. This dish a winner for me.
The 4 tiny sweet red bean rolls I can’t understand why in such a bit plate though I quite liked the mild sweet burst of the red bean paste filled in the snow skin like dough. And the chrysanthemum tea bundled in a pouch I thought a brilliant idea instead of loose tea leaves floating in the pot or cups and getting in the way of mouth while drinking.

Way Modern Chinois indeed showcases a modern way of elevating and modernizing pork-free dim sum dishes, the ambiance of course as said, unique and the staff who served us absolutely deserves every credit. The price for three people - I'm sure you won't mind paying. Returning again to this restaurant I don't think so because the next is The Ploy in the same crystal clear Work@Clearwater building.
G-I, Work@Clearwater
Changkat Semantan
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Hours – 12.00-3.00pm, 6.00-10.30pm

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  1. Sounds like a nice place to dine. Food looks delicious!

  2. The plates are quite unique, I haven't seen something like those :)

  3. I wish I was a fiid blogger after seeing ur restaurant reviews.. loved the place and the food


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