Monday, October 26, 2015

SOTHYS Premium Salon - Bukit Jalil

Hi Beauties,
I'm sure you will agree that quality comes with a price. Triple yes from me because for some reason or rather, I somehow knew that quality will be delivered when I walked into Sothys Bukit Jalil. Quite difficult actually to explain why or should I say I sense that my gut feeling won't let me down, truth enough, it is definitely quality when the two well-groomed professional beauty therapists even opened the door and smiled at me in the most beautiful professional manner. That meaningful smile was the assurance that my skin will be professional cared for the next 2 hours. 

Meanwhile just for 5 minutes or so, I relaxed, sipped the hot tea and admired the super soothing clinical ambiance. White is the colour, products gracefully arranged and then I was ushered into the treatment room.

Basic, simple, clean and uncluttered, the room is lightly dim and unlike at other salons where sometimes you put your things on the floor or stand around wondering what to do, over here you keep your valuables in the cupboard and the hanger of course is for your clothes. Instead of wrapping the head with a towel and the towel slowly but surely slipping off after you lie down, the disposable shower cap to tuck in my hair I was impressed with. The gown is different as well. A wrap-around with ribbon to secure rather than a gown clinging on tightly and you start fiddling or adjusting because you feel uncomfortable.  

Now, before I share my view upon the completion of the Power of 3 Dimensional Hydration treatment, it is indeed vital for us to know about the power behind the treatment and how you skin will be enhanced -

Digi-Esthétique®An exclusive global method and an original technique developed by Sothys - an absolute quest for effectiveness and well-being. Specially developed to heighten the effectiveness of the treatments and the assimilation of active ingredients, the original Sothys technique combines Eastern and Western acupressure methods and massage procedures.

It lies at the heart of Sothys programmes and boosts their extreme sensoriality by transforming each treatment into a moment of well-being for the body and mind. Dedicated to the harmony of the person and beauty of the skin, Sothys has adopted a holistic approach with the creation of a specialized massage method  Digi-Esthetique® .

Digi-Esthetique® is derived by 3 unique methods:
Best of the East – Digito-pressure with slow successions of deep, relaxing finger pressures on energy meridian to balance and realign energy level.
Best of the West – Modelling Massage that tones, warms, improves blood circulation and relaxes.
Draining movements to promote the elimination of toxin and waste matter through the lymphatic and blood systems

Acts on the psyches, bringing calm and serenity
Revitalizes the skin and improves elasticity
Relaxes facial, scalp and neck muscles
Stimulates micro-circulation (bringing nutrients to the skin)
Improves skin tone
Promotes lymphatic drainage (detoxifying)
Increases cellular exchanges 
Right, right and my say -  
This treatment is not only about the face because the body is included as well. No, not the full body but the back, neck and hands.
  • Before the start of the treatment, your back is smoothly cleansed and massaged for relaxation. 
  • Forget about digital or computerized equipment or machines. Hydra treatment is purely the skillful hands. 
  • The hands soft and gentle and compared to some treatments I've experienced, the nails kept neat and tidy so not to hurt and does not come in the way over your skin.

You get 100% attention. I mean the therapist is there with you for the two hours. There is no such a thing of applying the scrub or the mask and leaving your alone. At that point in time, you get the pressure point massage, back massage and neck massage. Amazing feeling!! I was just in heaven. Honestly, you won't know until you try.
  • The firm pressure and massage techniques you feel without being forceful or strongly pushed. Gentle and precise, gentle to awake your tired skin and truly gentle that you wish she won't stop massaging. I kept telling her I want to stay forever in the room and forget about the world including my half-half. 
  • After each step, your skin is checked to ensure it has been cleansed thoroughly before the next step.
  • Your eyebrows are groomed too but I politely declined. Over the couple of years,  my brows have thinned and I am struggling to grow them back.
  • Black heads on my t-zone extracted especially on my ever problematic nose. Again, no force but gentle extraction without leaving marks. 

Having said all of those, as usual, every good thing must come to an end. So I changed, returned to the reception and another cup of hot tea and some cookies. As happily I walked in, I walked out happier. An amazing experience and as said earlier, this treatment reinforced the fact that there's a difference between the standard reasonably priced facial and premium treatment at Sothys premium salon. Certainly I shall return again for the full body treatment. 
Your turn now because I absolutely assure you won’t regret. Take your first step to experience the Power of 3 Dimensional Hydration! The NEW Hydra3Ha introduces triple hyaluronic acid into the skin creating the most hydrating experience you've ever enjoyed.

Hydra3Ha Intensive Treatment+Hydra3Ha Kit (total worth RM855)
​Redeem your mystery gift worth RM288 with this code NAVAHYDRA2015
Thank you for this fantastic truly cherished experience Sothys Premium Salon BUKIT JALIL.
Tel: 03-89996388

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  1. this must be really relaxing
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  2. You look so relaxed Nava :) Must have been an amazing experience.....

  3. Such a great idea to spend an afternoon, relaxing and rejuvenating the mind and body!

  4. This treatment really seemed intense and well executed on u.. who doesnt like to get pampered.. the last pic is cute u look so fresh :)

  5. Oh my golly this sounds divine. Your review is great, really fab writing like a proper story of your experience. It felt like I was there while reading it and seeing the pics. My word I need this treatment!! Lucky you!

  6. I have just followed you and hope to keep in touch xx

  7. I've heard so much about Sothys, but have yet to try their products. Gosh, I'm in need of a good facial & massage right now! xoxo

  8. This is a great way to pamper our skin...I can realize that you had a nice time there...

  9. Your post gives a vivid view about the treatment, I am sure it is absolutely pampering and relaxing.


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