Monday, October 5, 2015

Malaysian Banana Fritters

In my house, we like to keep everything simple. Cooking is simple, home deco is simple and we try, we really try to keep to the simplest life. But sometimes we do get carried away and go overboard with food by dining at I won't say expensive restaurants but not within our budget. Then again, for food, we don't mind. After all, priority cannot always be slogging for the big showy house or car or both but for the happy tummy.

When it comes to desserts (banana bread and banana chocolate cake) I don't mind showing off. I mean the simplicity with a few ingredients because "I'm every woman, its not only me and simple desserts". Its for every woman who prefer this simple banana fritters - healthy because they are pan grilled with so little oil and with the natural sweetness from the bananas, sugar is optional. 

2 ripe bananas
3/4 cup cake flour. Otherwise  use all purpose flour and add a pinch of baking powder or soda
Fresh grated coconut - as needed
Sugar - as needed (any type from the normal or caster sugar)
A little oil

Mash bananas.
Combine with cake flour.
Whisk or mix well together.

Just ensure there's no lumps of flour.
Heat the portable grill and pour the little oil.
Scoop the mixture bit by bit and gently pour on the grill. 
Nicely grill on both sides.

Mix sugar and coconut together.
Roll the fritters over and tadaa!! tuck in.

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  1. best way to use over ripe bananas...

  2. looks super delicious....loved the way its rolled in coconut.....

  3. Love banana frittata and with coconut I never try but I know I will love it.

  4. Wow Nava, they are simply yummm!
    love the recipe!

  5. Nomy..... Super yum dish. Loved the recipe :)
    I am bookmarking it :D

  6. i have to try them this weekend
    Keep in touch

  7. Yummy banana fritters, love the touch of coconut on top!

  8. I love this combo. Its yummy, mouth watering :-)

  9. Oh wow... love this! We make something similar but put the coconut into that batter... love that you have pan fried it... will try...

  10. This is so so yummy banana and coconut really makes a great combination.. m really craving for this now :)

  11. Oh, i love bananas ( i am every woman too ;)).. thats a nice simple dessert :)

  12. it is some thing like kerala pazham pori !!!!!tasty


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