Monday, October 12, 2015

Kunyit (Turmeric) Petai Prawn Sambal/Chilli Gravy

It is all about picture perfect or perfect pictures these days. Seemingly, a picture paints a thousand words, in the blogging world, it is also the same story. Picturing may be one thing, the other of course is safe keeping the pictures. As organise as I am with storing pictures, every now and then I still tend to fumble. Really I don't know why. For the past two hours, all I did was searching between the thousands for the pictures to this recipe. Eventually, as exhausted as I am, oh-boy, glad I am. These pictures for the love of petai actually popped out. Yippie yeah!! (benefits of petaipetai and dried prawns sambal, chilli petai with anchovies, lemongrass prawn petai sambal and sambal petai ikan bilis). So ladies and gentlemen, I shall say nothing further except lets get going with another petai dish - petai and prawns cooked with a chilli paste made with chillies and hail to the benefits of Asian herbs, especially fresh turmeric or turmeric powder (15 health benefits of turmeric & why it is good for weight loss).

7 large/tiger prawns (soak in lime juice to remove the smell and sliminess, rinse, snip the head and the legs, insert insert a tooth pick in the centre to pull out the vein, pat dry and keep aside)

1 packet petai/stink beans - cutting into two is advisable because sometimes there can be creepy crawlies inside.
1 turmeric leaf/daun kunyit - sliced thinly 
Lime juice - as needed
1/4 cup oil
Salt to taste

For the chilli paste (blend for a thick paste with some water)
6 fresh red chillies (or as needed)
1 lemongrass
1 inch fresh turmeric (or 1 tsp turmeric powder)
5 shallots
5 garlic 
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste (don't have? never-mine)
1/2 inch ginger 
Heat oil and when heated, add chilli paste.
Fry over low heat till aromatic and oil splits
Add prawns and season with salt.
Simmer and cook to cook prawns.
(Note: Watch the timing. Otherwise prawns will become rubbery)
Add petai, turmeric leaf and lime juice.
Stir to combine in and dish out.

(Note: can add petai earlier to cook for a texture you prefer. We like it quite raw).
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  1. This looks fantastic!! We usually have petai in chutney form but this is something I'll definitely try out. Beautifully presented!

  2. I do not eat to much spicy food but this looks delish.

  3. These prawns look delicious! And I'm the same with the photos! With the number of stepwise pictures I take, I'm lost most of the time!

  4. Those prawns are fresh and flavourful! Those stink beans sound really interesting.

  5. I've never cooked with petai before. Great tips on the creepy crawlies, Nava! Hahaha! xoxo

  6. Easy and yummy dish, kunyit is not available here.

  7. Prawns break me out but we do make it once in a while..with ur tempting dish here i might forget abt the breakout.. Lol

  8. dear mam, do i need to soak the petai or i can straight away put the petai together ?

  9. Vellachamy - no need to soak the petai. Just rinsed and as said, simmer to soften to a texture you like.


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