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Copper Modern European Restaurant - Menara Shell, Tun Sambanthan

Forget about Jalan Tun Sambanthan for the time being because I'm going to take you down the memory lane to Brickfields. Brickfields always sentimental and nostalgic till this day. Brickfields – “you are always on mind”. How can I forget? The hundred quarters Jalan Chan Ah Thong opposite Menara Shell where my roots were. The roots of course uprooted once I moved out after getting married and now the roots are dug-dip down. So sad the quarters sudah habis/gone. 

My years in Brickfields I visualized from the 5th floor where Copper restaurant elegantly is standing. Returning to now known as Jalan Tun Sambathan indeed brought back memories. We both grew up here though strange why cupid didn't hit me with his arrow that time. Not until both of us failed massively in love many years down many roads. So, lots of stories as half-half drove and accompanied till the lift before I went up to Copper Modern European - spacious, modern, stylish, shining floor, spick-and-span and tables apart so that you don't knock into the next customer while walking in and out. I also admired the natural sunshine shining through the glass panels around the restaurant. But with the haze, I was clouding in the clouds.

Now, the other thing I must tell you - this food review the courtesy of HungryGoWhere for their latest app launch. Okay, so after excitingly getting to know the HungryGoWhere team and smiling at the familiar and unfamiliar foodies, food and drinks we opted from the no frill menu but clearly explained so that you know what to expect. As soon as I arrived, I had the cuppa of lovely cappucino with brown sugar served separately.
Later, the wicked ginger drink, charcoal grilled avocado & calamari, seared duck and grilled pineapple. I also had a chance to sample just that bit of the other dishes the other foodies ordered. Just that tiny-winy bit because you know how I am with food right??  So little I eat, I don’t eat beef and I wasn’t even sure if I can finish the food I called for.

Appetizer naturally the start. The charcoal grilled avocado and calamari (RM20.00) by right comes with crispy salt beef which of course you know cannot for me. Still, this dish came together so well. The two main ingredients glazed with the sweet soy and served with squid ink puree and herbs – lalalala!! I so loved. Definitely a creative invention – refreshing, startling and not overdone with too many flavours. You get the feel of the sauce, the herbs and the squid ink on the tongue when the fork is gently rolled over to pick and daintily chew the avaocado and calamari for the pleasurable taste.
That appetizer a perfect start to warm up the palate before the seared duck (RM40.00) served medium with buttered peas, braised fennel and berry sauce. Now, here it is going to be tricky. Seared duck tender and juicy but felt slightly flat. Don’t know!! Maybe it’s me or maybe I am used to the big profound Asian punches. I know I shouldn’t compare with the Chinese roasted duck but that on my mind while eating this seared duck. The berry sauce I felt would be compatible with a dessert instead for a savory dish whereas the buttery-creamy peas and nicely cooked fennel were like a match in heaven for the duck. 
The grilled pineapple (RM15.00) was the “expect the unexpected”. I thought I will see a whole piece of grilled pineapple instead of pieces in the coconut yoghurt cream, vanilla and Carl green tea granite.  Again here I am stuck with say-say-say what?? Perhaps if  you like European style really sweet dessert, you will love. For me, just two to three scoops. Rich was the richness of this dessert as the sweet note to end my meal. 
The wicked ginger drink (RM12.00) with fresh orange juice, ginger, turmeric, honey and lemon applauded as another creative invention. I mean turmeric in a chilled drink I hardly have noticed in Western/European restaurants. This drink rocked me in a wonderful wicked way – health is wealth burst, soothing and enlivening.
In between tucking into those dishes, I sampled two other and the rest I sure was curious to know. First the housemade Hickory Smoked salmon (RM18.00) with roasted beetroot, anise yoghurt, marinated dark berries, lime gel and turmeric vinaigrette. This appetizer - spot-on and I particularly loved how the pillowy beet and thinly sliced salmon jived with fair bit of sweetness, sourness and tanginess. This one you shouldn’t miss and you won’t regret ordering.
Next charcoal grilled lamb (RM60.00) served with spiced yoghurt, arugula salad, housemade pickles and sweet and sour dressing.  The stylishly coiled up lamb worth mentioning - subtle yet alluring in tenderness and when eaten with the other elements, sweet-sour punchy freshness.  
Other items picturesque -
Charcoal grilled steak (RM59.00) served medium romesco, sweet soy vinaigrette, roasted onion and polenta chips.
Shakshuka (RM20.00) chicken chorizo, with stewed tomatoes, zucchini, basil, and cracked egg & toast.
Pira Oven Mushroom (RM22.00) charcoal roasted porchini and assorted mushrooms, truffle oil, roasted cheese, onion puree, cracked egg and toast.
Churros (RM15.00) – vanilla Chantilly cream and Valrhona chocolate sauce. The foodie had the same comment – cream and chocolate sauce over the top sweet whereas churros fluffy and crispy.
Frozen Ocean (RM14.00) – fresh apple juice, sweet and sour mix, blue curacao and 7up.
Thank you HungryGoWhere. Truly appreciated and kudos to the friendly team for introducing the new app, the games for the goodie bags, the coffee machine for the lucky draw (no, wasn't my luck for sure) and for this dining experience at Copper – a chic Modern European restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, serving upscale creative food with strong Mediterranean influences.

Copper Modern European Restaurant
Level 5, Menara Shell
Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel; 03-28569522

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  1. The food in the post made me so hungry.. delicious and ur looking cute with the nose ring on.. :)

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