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Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea - Are You Caffeine Addicted?

For every coffee lover out there, absolutely it is the coffee for waking up the senses to look forward to a bright and sunshiny day. Coffee I'm sure you will agree is a booster in the morning or anytime you like. Perhaps saying any time is inappropriate because I’ve been told caffeine-drinking “night owls” go to bed later. My system is immune. There’s no such a thing I can’t sleep after drinking coffee. In fact with or without coffee, I am alert till wee hours.  
Beside the point whether you are an occasional or regular coffee drinker, when you walk into Caffe Crema, you will instantly whiff the coffee aroma lingering in the air. Caffe Crema located beside the popular hair saloon studio Number76 has been drawing coffee lovers from near and far into their cosy and and rustic setting. Surrounded by bricks and modern recycled wooden fixtures, warm yellow lights, numerous vintage coffee grinders and the light jazzy music from the vintage record player at the side counter, the inside gives a very homely feeling. Although the cafĂ© is somewhat small, you won’t feel like you are stuck in a box. Otherwise, for those who prefer natural sunlight and people-watching, there’s more space outside. 

Despite being a coffee addict, rare is the occasion I hang out in coffee outlets. Even if I do, it’s the coffee shop chains.That pretty much sums up this new, interesting and knowledgeable experience especially after listening to Elvin the owner on the concept – “we don’t just sell coffee, we want you to experience coffee" and what sets Caffe Crema apart from other coffee shops. Well, a fruitful concept I must say based on his passion and love for coffee, from travelling, investing in the top coffee machine from Italy and sourcing for the deco from overseas and junk stores.
At Caffe Crema, the primary focus is the coffee, grind and brewed in front of the customers, then the tea selection you can sniff before ordering and the hand crafted cakes. Also, their own coffee beans and coffee merchandise (mug, grinder,tools etc etc) you see at the corner are for sale. 

I agreed with Elvin when he said a cuppa of coffee is about individual preference. Before the fresh-perfect in the moment cup of coffee is brewed by the “attention to detail” baristas well trained by an Australian, customers are asked which type they like.  
No doubt I have seen the coffee plant during my travel ventures. More to that I didn’t know until I listened. For example, caffeine takes 15 minutes to work and will keep you alert for 8 to 14 hours. The best time to drink coffee is 9.30 to 11.30 or 1.30 to 5.00pm. Arabica beans and Robusta beans are the two different species of beans grown commercially for consumption as coffee. Roasted coffee beans must be consumed with a month. After grinding the beans, for a good cup of coffee, drink up as soon as possible. Also coffee is best kept at room temperature, away from the sun.  
After attentively listening (I hope I did), I had the chance to see and smell the beans and yippie!! Tasting. To tell you the truth, I am not sure if I got it right with the smelling as well. Okay, to narrow down, some had the burnt charcoal smell whereas some with the mild-comfortable aroma. Coffee bean over extracted or said as below the idea time is more sour and pungent whereas for a perfect cup of coffee, the beans must be extracted at the niche of time for the sour-bitter taste.

The four concoctions of coffee I sipped into were: blackout – creamy and nutty and just like how I like my coffee with a mild sweetness. This one I was told by Elvin is the natural sweetness. Great!!
The signature blend coffee was smooth and with the floral freshness from the mix of beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Not too bad but I am still voting for blackout at this moment.
Cappucino my all-time favorite I loved. Unlike the ones I've tasted before, this cappuccino is a blend of the cream and coffee just like that. I mean you don’t have to stir and as you drink, you feel both on your taste buds. Must try for cappuccino lovers. I bet you will agree with me. 
And finally the long black which is “bitter is better” for some people but not for me. Anyway, after three cups of coffee, my taste buds had slowly stopped functioning. So except for tasting the bitterness, I shall refrain from simply throwing words.
When the egg sandwiches came by, I eat one piece. Lots of herbs and mushy eggs tucked into the toasted bread as a nice pairing for coffee.  
This “get to know coffee better” session as I would like to say was truly and sincerely informative. Thank you Elvin for walking me back and forth about coffee, the love of my life. Forever will be remembered but I forgot to buy at least the smallest coffee grinder because I came back home with the beans. Never mind, time for a revisit over a cuppa of coffee while tucking into the cakes I was practically salivating at.
Coffee anyone?? Here's where you should go -

Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea
E01-02, Plaza Mont Kiara
Block E, Jalan Kiara
Mont Kiara,
Wilayah Persekutuan
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone – 603-62062237

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  1. loving the turntable! lovely post. :)

    Keep in touch!

  2. I love coffee but cant take too much nowadays

  3. I'm more of a tea person but I love the smell of coffee. And I like hanging at coffee shops.

  4. I drink LOTS of tea, but the aroma of coffee is something I really love.

  5. I rarely go to coffee shops or have coffee.. bt a place like this wud tempt me to go often.. loved the coffee

  6. Very nostalgic place. Love to be there too! xoxo


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