Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beetroot Raita (Yoghurt)

Raita has already been spoken about at Vegetable Raita, Mango & Cucumber Yoghurt Salad and Cucumber Yoghurt Salad and beetroot of course we agree is healthy, full of vitamins and packed with powerful antioxidants. Still, as far as I know, beet can also increase blood pressure but recent findings state otherwise. Really, I'm not sure - should I believe or not because my half-half is quite cautious with beet except once a while. Anyway, lets just leave the topic aside and now, always as ever, nava-k like to bring you simplicity and no sweat dishes, this raita is one of it - pillowy steamed beet with tangy-minty-tad bit of spiciness yoghurt dressing.   

Ingredients (plus minus as per taste)
1 medium size beet - remove skin and slice
3 tbsp yoghurt
1 red chilli - sliced
1 green chilli - sliced
1 large red onion - sliced
1 tsp roasted or pan fried cumin seeds
1 tsp roasted or pan fried black mustard seeds
1 small bunch mint leaves - pluck the leaves out and sliced
Salt for taste

Steam beet till soft and tender.

Then arrange on a serving plate.
Mix or whisk the rest of the ingredients together.
Dollop, top-up or pour over the beet. 
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  1. I have never tried this, I will try this one pretty soon.

  2. Wow ....this beetroot raita looks super delish .....very colorful and healthy

  3. Wow it looks so lovely and very healthy raita dear..thanks for sharing !!

  4. Absolutely love all forms of raita! Looks so good!

  5. Wow, i love the fact that you have sliced the beet than grating or chopping it... looks awesome

  6. My granny makes this and this is so yumm and healthy... love it.. :)

  7. One of the best-looking raitas. So attractive. This has been on my to-do list but ....Must have been very delicious too!!

  8. I have tried this & its yummy :-) Thank You very much

  9. Delicious, healthy and of course lovely colored raita..

  10. Beetroot looks so refreshing and colorful... Great share

  11. Healthy and yummy Raita. Nice presentation.


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