Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spinz Sun-Tan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

In between the hectic schedule of working from home, I've completely neglected to practice what I preach. Easier said than done I suppose instead of the constant reminder that no matter what, sunblock is essential to keep away sun spots. Laziness, taking the skin for granted and engrossed in cooking I know are lame excuses. Actually I've taken the indoor ultraviolet light (UV) for granted though I will never step outside without applying sunblock and covering the head with a scarf. Obviously with UV shining on the face, little brown spots started showing up. The spots were not prominent but as a beauty blogger, it is embarrassing. No point writing about skin care products if my skin isn't well maintained. 

Just as some ideas were running through the mind, I stumbled upon “Spinz Sun-Tan Remover” reviews by fellow beauty bloggers. I wrote to Cavinkare and the product came all the way from India to the local distributor and then to my door. Spinz Sun-Tan Remover is a bleach free wash off cream that removes sun tan patches/spots within 5 minutes after application. Packaged in a carton box, the cream comes in a simple tube with a big purple cap. Truly an attractive packaging with bright purple and white colour theme. Glad that the tube remained intact but not sure why the box was slightly rumble-crumble when I opened up the parcel. Not at all a world ending concern because with all instructions, information and ingredients clearly stated on the box and tube, I knew how to use the safe cream for sun induced tan. 

Since I've never used sun tan remover before, I was still a little cautious of straight-away applying on my combination-sensitive skin. To start off, the cream was tested over the tan spot on my hand. I gently pressed the tube to release the white thick cream from the nozzle and applied evenly on my wet hand. The fragrance is slightly heavy but disappears quickly. Similarly the mild tingling sensation slowly fades off. After 5 minutes, I gently massaged the cream while washing off and wiping dry. 

The result is noticeable immediately. Less visible tan, fresh bright look and the cream does not dry up the skin. I took a chance by applying a hand cream after an hour and no major disaster. The next day I applied on the face for the same result. The cream is effective for removing sun tan but as advised, please use on alternate days. To be launched in Malaysia perhaps in two months time, updates can be tracked at Navakris.
Thank you CavinKareIndia

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  1. Sounds like a good product! I like that the results are seen instantly!

  2. yes the result is visible and available in will try this

  3. It is amazing that they sent u the product n it works for u as well.. nicely reviewed :)

  4. Nice review...u have beautifully demonstrated it....Looks nice that it doesn't dry ur skin....... :)

  5. I really like those products who fulfill what they claim!! This one sounds worth trying!! Great review Nava :)

  6. Oh I wasn't aware of this product. Maybe because I'm naturally tan. But wow, this is amazing.

  7. Glad you have got it, it is really good and gives visible results.

  8. Any idea where i can buy this product from. Me in Singapore.


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