Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spinz Sun-Tan Remover Instant De-Tan Cream

Working from home comes with some perks. Of course it does. However, akin going out there to work in an organisation, it can be pretty hectic. Especially when I am swarmed with a couple of projects at one go, in such instances, I tend to neglect my skin. Not literally failing to cleanse and moisturise, but in the sense that I took it for granted on blocking my face with sunblock. Well, lame excuse I know for a beauty blogger, then again, ahhh! it happens. Maybe I thought sunblock is not vital albeit I know, I am aware, silly me for taking it for granted with indoor ultraviolet light (UV).

So, just as ideas kept pooping out of my mind on what to do with the dark spots, arrived this Sun-Tan Remover”. Thank you Cavinkare. Spinz Sun-Tan Remover is a bleach free wash off cream for removing sun tan patches/spots within 5 minutes after application, packaged in a carton box and the cream by itself comes in a simple tube with a big purple cap. Lovely attractive packaging with bright purple and white colour theme, it arrived spic and span but the box most probably was not handled with care, assumingly from the time it was packed and delivered to my door by, again, assumingly by the local Malaysian distributor. However, whatever, to use, firstly, please read on the ingredients and then follow as per the instructions stated.  

Since I've never used sun tan remover before, a little cautious I was. Instead of starting with applying on my combination-sensitive skin, I tested on my hand by gently pressing the tube to release the white thick cream out of the nozzle, to apply on my clean wet hand. Its fragrance is slightly heavy, yet similar to its mild tingling sensation, both of these disappears quickly. After 5 minutes, to remove, I gently massaged it before washing and wiping. 

Less visible tan, fresh bright look and without the cream drying up, undoubtedly the result is noticeable. I then applying on my face, only over the dark patches. Suffice to say, this cream is effective for removing sun tan but, take it easy please. Don't get over excited and apply everyday. Alternate day is advisable. To be launched in Malaysia perhaps in two months time, meanwhile, check if you can buy online. Otherwise wait for its arrival. 
Thank you CavinKareIndia

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  1. Sounds like a good product! I like that the results are seen instantly!

  2. yes the result is visible and available in will try this

  3. It is amazing that they sent u the product n it works for u as well.. nicely reviewed :)

  4. Nice review...u have beautifully demonstrated it....Looks nice that it doesn't dry ur skin....... :)

  5. I really like those products who fulfill what they claim!! This one sounds worth trying!! Great review Nava :)

  6. Oh I wasn't aware of this product. Maybe because I'm naturally tan. But wow, this is amazing.

  7. Glad you have got it, it is really good and gives visible results.

  8. Any idea where i can buy this product from. Me in Singapore.


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