Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hana Dining & Sake Bar (Sunway Pyramid Mall - Bandar Sunway)

Offering the ultimate fine dining experience alongside with a top notch sake bar, Hana Dining & Sake Bar opened their doors approximately a month ago. Despite its location at a mall I am familiar with, I was still unsure with the exact direction to the restaurant. Perhaps because rather than being late for this food review on this Saturday, I parked at the valet parking to avoid the long stretch of cars leading to the basement. Still, I managed to figure out. From the entrance of the mall, a left turn into Parkson and via the escalator to the ground floor where Hana Dining is. 

The bluish sake cocktail while relaxing at the bar would have been perfect to warm up my palate before sampling the array of the Japanese fusion dishes at the dining area on the left. But knowing well that a glass of sake or any other alcoholic drink won't be the end for the many more and as a coffee lover, the cuppa of cappucino between the various types of coffee was comforting as well. 

From the bar, we were ushered by the pleasant staff to the impressive, spick and span and modern Japanese dining area. As a start to the array of dishes from the pretty big menu. Hana Master Chef Thomas not only made his mark with his expertise but his beautiful bubbly personality as well. Precisely made, beautifully plated and gently torched it was the salmon on fire (RM28.00) followed by the rest.  
Squid stuffed with preserved cucumber (RM25.00)
Oyamaimo Shake maki (RM32.00)
Charcoal cheese special California roll (RM25.00)
Chef’s Olic Tuna Marinate (RM25.00)
Hawaiian Shake Harasu maki (RM33.00)
Engawa don (RM38.00)
Seaweed boletus pasta (RM18.00)
 Deep fried nanban chicken (RM18.00)
Crispy cod fish layered with sweet potato (RM28.00)
 Grilled lamb English cut with ponzu soy sauce (RM38.00)
Japanese Style Crab Meat Omelet (RM22.00)
Crispy salmon skin salad (RM25.00)
Layered chicken and egg teriyaki (RM10.00)
Cold udon with seafood and sesame sauce (RM12.00)
These cleverly invented dishes I must say were delicious for the sheer pleasure of an affordable fine dining experience. I am sure you will agree too. But I must admit. As a small eater, I didn't taste the last four dishes. I know. I know. What a waste right?? Well, as much as I tried, there's only so much space in my stomach.  

Taste-wise as for the rest of the dishes, in no particular random order, the salmon on fire, squid stuffed cucumber, charcoal cheese roll, olic tuna, nanban chicken and crispy cod fish with sweet potato I will not stop raving. The olic tuna may not be it  for those who aren't accustomed with cold dishes but hey! believe me and try. You will love the soft melt of the tuna. As for the nanban chicken, the sweet spicy sauce undeniably just so good for dipping the crispy crunchy bite size chicken.

During this review, owner Mr. Eddie shared his vision - providing customers with the best fresh food with fresh ingredients especially the salmon trout air flown from Norway and all ingredients and recipes either comes from Taiwan or air-flown weekly from Japan for the 60 types of sauce and condiments, featuring 130 types of dishes and 28 sets of value meal. 
Furthermore he explained that Hana Dining is the concept and idea brought out from Taiwan, known as Aplus Dining Sake Bar. And the one crucial point before you reach out to sake is to reach out for suggestion if you are first time drinker.  

Hana Dining & Sake Bar

OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor
No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
Sunway Pyramid, 47500 Selangor

Business hours :  
Sunday to Thursday
(Dining area) 11am -3pm, 6pm - 11pm
(Bar area) 11am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday
(Dining area) 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm.
(Bar area) 11am - 1am.

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  1. This place sounds great. I really like how each and every dish is beautifully presented :)

  2. What delicious food! I love those salmon rolls!

  3. This is my type of restaurant the food looks divine and that salmon so fresh.

  4. I like the decor of this place it looks nice and the food is so yummy.. loved the presentation

  5. Wow this post is full of presentation ideas. I agree Nava the portion sizes are large after two or three snack trials I am done too. Stomach is not the expanding bag to be stuffed.


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