Thursday, September 10, 2015

Earth Care Soaps - Organic Rose Garden Raw Sugar Body Scrub

Unless absolutely certain I am, assuming that all commercial body products are loaded with chemicals can put me into trouble. Generalizing I know is wrong but for a known fact, such products are out there. I of course will strongly advice you, if possible not to use them. Chemicals by far have never been good for our well-being, yet people don't hesitate to buy the conveniently available products. But now, with  the super speed virtual world we are so dependent on, buying chemical free body products is super easy as well. That is how I discovered “Earth Care” homemade, natural and organic products. Samples I asked for and came cruising the three products. 
Earth lovingly made and prettily packaged, the body scrub, lip scrub and lip balm were immediately raved about. So close I was also with summarising these three products in one post, then again without getting "up-close and personal" with the packaging, the ingredients and the handy precautions, let me introduce the rose garden camellia and rose raw sugar scrub first prior to featuring the lippie products in the next post.  

Gorgeously hand wrapped, the scrub comes in a plastic tub with a plastic lid in between the metal cover and tied with a red ribbon. The scent is simply amazing, oh-so nose and mind blowing to take top placing close to the packaging. 

As I completely forgot to carry a dry spoon to the bathroom and with laziness to come down again, I tapped the tub close to the hand to take the scrub before exfoliating the wet body. Absolutely sure I am not but the sugary grains does melt away while the essential oil moisturises the skin. Soothing to the senses, the scrub leaves a soft, smooth and refreshed feeling after a tiring day or as an instant "wake me up" in the morning with minimal effort. 

With its natural ingredients, the scrub can be used on alternate days. For me, its twice a week without rushing as I love to enjoy the moment by pampering, luxuriating, showering, wiping dry and walking out from the bathroom feeling relaxed. Also when I am totally exhausted yet have trouble sleeping, I scrub and shower just before bed time because the essential oil in the scrub helps to restore the balance for a better sleep. . 

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  1. Using products that uses less chemicals is a good thought! This product sounds like a good place to start.

  2. Never heard of a raw sugar based scrub before.......Nice review....n I'm lucky to have a great life style blogger friend dear ....... :)

  3. The packaging is so cute and this sugar scrub sounds divine!!

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  4. I believe this natural scrub is far better than the chemical once

  5. There are so many brands here nw who make these cute scrubs.. I love the cute packaging & the product,, wud love to try it :)

  6. I love using sugar scrub this one sounds amazing.

  7. Raw sugar scrub? Wow! Wonder if it tastes sweet......... Very interesting ingredient indeed, dear. xoxo

  8. Wonderfully written review ..Its always better to use natural products...


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