Monday, September 14, 2015

Earth Care Soaps - Lip Scrub & Lip Balm

Previously I have introduced the "Rose Garden Body Scrub" and today, lets get to know Earth Care lippies - lip scrub and lip balm. Lip balm I depend on especially when travelling to keep my lips moist, let it be in the cold or hot weather. Easily applied without a mirror, balm is the call to soften and prevent chapped lips, whereas lip scrub I have never used neither have given it a thought. Then again, there is always a first time. Thanks to Earth Care for introducing scrubbing by sending the sweet dreams (lavender oatmeal) lip scrub and also the rose tint (shea butter and rose geranium) lip balm. While both these products complemented each other, scrubbing should be first, followed by the balm.

The scrub comes in a silver container with a twistable cover. Similar to every other Earth care product, the ingredients and instructions are clearly labelled. Evoking with a sense of comfort and ease, the fresh scent is irresistibly nice. In fact I must whiff the scrub prior to taking with a clean finger to gently massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Instead of rinsing off, I sometimes literally lick the candy tasting scrub made with sugar, lavender, oatmeal and different types of oils. With its natural organic ingredients, you can also dust away or wipe off the scrub with a damp wash-cloth.

Leaving a moisturising feel and effect, the scrub restores a  natural light tone to give a light pink glow by reducing my lip pigmentation. Impressively beautiful and I am lovingly loving it.

For better results, on my smooth lips, the lip balm glides over. A simple packaging, the balm comes in clear tube so you can see just how much is left once you start using it. Moreover, the twist up mechanism at the bottom is to push up the balm, well, similar to other tubes. The ingredients and instructions obviously as said earlier, stated on the packaging. All in all, the balm with its healing properties of shea butter melts, spreads and moisturisers to shield lips from UV rays. 

Resulting in an enticingly soft and supple lips, the scrub and balm transforms my dull lips after a single use, also to prep my pout for my favourite lipstick for a flawless finish to transform from casual to glitz and glam look.
As  I have never used organic products before, certainly I am totally impressed with the results, the packaging, the ingredients and the philosophy of  Earth Care, what more these are affordable hand made products. 

Earth care products - here's what essentially you should know -  

"Our organic skincare products are 90% to 100% vegan using only quality ingredients sourced from plant-based materials. Products that are less than 100% vegan contain ingredients of animal by-products only such as beeswax, honey, cows milk, goats milk and yoghurt. We do not use lard or tallow in our soaps and other products. All Earth Care products are strictly against animal testing".

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  1. These packaging are so pretty, Nava! Great to know that they delivered great results too! xoxo

  2. That lip scrub and balm are something I NEED!

  3. I love reading n knowing abt new and organic brands.. I wud love to try out the delicious scrub.. :D

  4. I will try these products during my next visit to malaysia.

  5. I would love them.

    Thanks...will go hnting when i go bangsar. There got Ben's

  6. Well written and love the pink color package...... :)

  7. loved the lip care cream..very nice products seems like

  8. Wow organic lip care with oats sugar lavender etc oh that must be really good.


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