Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty - @Giza Kota Damansara

A quick lunch nearby Ancient Thai Sri Hartamas before I arrived at Ancient Thai Kota Damansara. Traffic and parking here during peak time I don't think I have to say. It will help if you don't doubt park, wait anywhere you like or go round and round to contribute to the snail moving traffic. Also, instead of arriving late for the appointment at this Ancient Thai, why not pay for the basement parking and conveniently take the staircase first and then the lift.

Unlike the spacious reception area at Royal Thai Subang Jaya, you walk into a smaller space at Ancient Thai. But with the efficient service, within a couple of minutes, the masseur will usher you to the vibrant colourful "perk me up" area where your feet is washed with dettol. Thereafter to the lightly dimmed treatment room to change into the t-shirt and knee length before you comfortably and completely surrender to the masseur.

Despite knowing well that I will be experiencing the healing massage by the male masseur who has belted more than 10 years, I was still sceptical. Not because I doubted his skills and expertise but because I've never been massaged by a male masseur and that he didn't rub oil on my body.
He sort of knew my concern and assured that healing massage is without oil. And when he started to press, bend, twist and pull to practically rip my body apart, I truly understood why. Healing massage is pain, paining and painful until I had to signalled him to slow down. Of course he did but slowly and surely, the momentum picked up again until I thought I shouldn't interrupt neither irritate him as he was totally focussed in providing the best service.

Bolstered for an hour and with the pain slowly subsiding, I  got up, walked back to the reception area, drank the hot water to flush out the toxin and met up with Mr Jack again. Manicure and pedicure I had to put on hold perhaps for the next visit as I was worried about the evening traffic jam. I thanked everyone for the much needed treatment to ease the pain on my shoulders and left feeling appreciated for the chance of reviewing the professional service at Ancient Thai (facebook).

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  1. That must have been rejuvenating! Oh, the luxury of a massage.. the place looks very cosy.

  2. This looked like a simple and effective place to pamper yourself.. everything seems well organized as well :) glad u enjoyed

  3. Massage is painful I feel the pressure for another two days. Massage without oil sounds really good.

  4. Thai massage is little bit painful, but I love their foot reflexology.


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