Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ancient Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty (Desa Sri Hartamas - Kuala Lumpur)

Knowing is one thing, experiencing is the other. Anyone for the matter presumably know that Thai massage originated from Thailand and perhaps have experienced as well. I too am quite equipped but I didn't know Thai massage existed for 2500 years in India, neither have I experienced the original ancient healing art. The first experience was at Royal Thai Subang Jaya where I also met Mr Jack, who in fact told me more about how the art found its way to Thailand.

Over the lengthy conversation we had, I accepted the invitation for a visit and a follow up treatment at Ancient Thai Sri Hartamas and @Giza Kota Damansara. Driving to Sri Hartamas was pretty uncomplicated. I knew the direction because it was in this area I partied as though there's no tomorrow during my hay years. Partying of course is over, though occasionally I drink and then feel guilty. But after the first treatment, which had drained off the accumulated toxin, I feel a whole lot better, both inside and out.

Now at Hartamas, I didn't miss the point that Ancient Thai is beside KFC. Still, I drove around three times. Instead of looking up at the first floor, I was zooming at eye level. Anyway, always a punctual person. I made it on time. Cosy, homely and beautifully set-up, the whole atmosphere of Ancient Thai is relax and comfortable. Given a choice, I would have loved to sit down and read a book at the reception area.  But on this day, as an editor, the task cannot be neglected.

Mr Jack took me around and briefed about the professionally trained Thai masseurs and why they are happily working here, the different types of body treatments, the facial treatments to keep the skin supple, the design-layout of each treatment room and the success for drawing new and regular customers with the attractive packages at different price points.

Before leaving for the treatment at Ancient Thai Kota Damansara, I decided that its triple points for the captivating ambiance, the warm hospitality and of course for the selection of treatments. Returning again is definitely on the card. .

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  1. Three things I absolutely enjoy, a Spa, a Thai massage and KL.


  2. I love Gua sha massage. So long have not had that

  3. Girl, you do get around!! Enjoyed going through your post!

  4. You are really becoming an expert at reviewing these spas and seems like this is a nice place as u mentioned u want to return back

  5. Nice review...... u r so lucky to visit many places.... :)

  6. I can never get enough of body massages! I'm aching for one now........


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