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Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches - Sea Park, Petaling Jaya (Non-Halal)

Over the moon and over-excited the feeling still there (as usual, that's me) about the food review to Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches. The excitement let me start of with the familiar ground of Sea Park, the location of this "pork-lovers" joint and where I stayed for 15 years, including at the stone away SS2. Sea Park, ahhh!! Nostalgic memories of the wet market, the banks for the small money matters and the mamak for their famous fried chicken nasi lemak, within a walking distance.

Sea Park now - different-different. The boom in a good number of nice eateries unlike my years with the coffee shops and KFC. Parking those years still okay except during the peak banking hours. I either take the slow "up the slop" walk from the apartment or park nearby the bungalow houses across the shell. Parking over the years in this area, almost every hour every day is similar to many areas and traffic you can't avoid. To park for the "pork is life" food at Ticklish Ribs, if you can patiently (please do) wait for a while, you sure will find across the Shell or Maybank. Then conveniently walk into the restaurant.

Homely and a creative zone, the deco, the creative invention of the owner I met and he surely is transparent. I mean he wasn't selfish sharing about his other business (advertising) acumen and the overseas trips to scout and taste the best ribs for the"idea incubation" considering the Asian palates before opening Ticklish Ribs with its dimmed, modern, chic and fresh ambiance. Indeed, looking at the numbers of customers when I walked in, Ticklish Ribs has garnered staunch followers hankering for delectable and affordable "oink-oink" dishes.

On the menu, you will see the names of the dishes which may or may not have the authentic culinary connection. Ultimately at Ticklish, I suggest you start with the bucket of ultimate tickle aka their signature BBQ ribs.

The crispy charred and dark ribs, tender to its core, easily ripped apart at the first bite and absorbed into the special sauce. The red sauce for the ribs may threaten to scorch your tongue. But no. It is mouth watering and delivers the combination of the sweet and spicy flavours, neither of which overpowers the other. The rib is splendid on its own but dipping into the sauce gives the "punch up my tongue" zest. 

The fragrant pork lard rice - fluffy rice cooked with pork lard, crispy pork balls, half a fistful of fried lard and drizzled with brown sauce. My say - deliciousness!! The lard sinful but always been my favourite from my adolescent years and these thin crispy pieces eaten after mixing with the rice and brown sauce and a bite of the pork balls, awesomely my kind of food. With or without the brown sauce, it is the dish for typical Asians like me who won't compromise rice for anything else. Quite as a flash, the dish was wiped cleaned after equally portioned for the other foodie. 
From the three types of bread and varieties of pork filling for sandwiches, I tried the charcoal bread with pulled pork. Bread, definitely I find it hard to swallow, even the most expensive or exclusive types. So, just the first mouth full of the sandwich and then, digging in with the fingers to eat the slow-cooked tender-succulent little pork shreds with onion and salad leaves. Good stuff yet somewhat a bit salty. However, went down well with the foodie. In fact, "blink-blink" puzzled she was - what's with me and the saltiness??

The last call the owner's recommendation was the sloppy fries topped with cheesy minced pork. Again I had to open my big fat mouth - why salty ah!! The owner understood because the same comment by some customers but my foodie friend, like she cared. So, willingly I gave her the walkover for the fries.

For me, the highest votes goes to the fragrant pork lard rice and ultimate ribs, a no for the sandwich with pulled pork and the fries with cheesy pork, if they can accommodate  "please reduce the salt", I won't mind ordering should I return. For an upbeat fun night, you can drop by for the life (opps! should be live) music, "cheers and yam seng" with friends and of course, the more you drink, the better the music will sound.

Thank you very much Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches.

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  1. they are creative in their is seen all over the places...good food too

  2. I am a foodie and I really can't resist my hunger when I visit your space ;)

  3. Oh wow, I like fun food like these! I'm sure you had a fabulous time dining there! xoxo

  4. The food surely looked finger licking to me.. and those tshirts are so fun,.....


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