Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Royal Thai Herbal Spa & Beauty (USJ)

Everything is truly transparent about Royal Thai. The reception area brightly lighted for customers to confidently walk in, the services profoundly mentioned and the masseurs professionally trained in Thailand. Transparent it is too about the services on their website instead of just a short synopsis. Of course I read the depth and how can I not be impressed. Transparency I've concluded is the critical success factor of Mr. Jack Ng Chong Ming in spearing other branches including the birth of the first ever Ancient Thai Sri Hartamas in 2003, a successful collaboration of Royal Thai Government. Indeed listening to Mr. Jack was interesting to understand the core values of Royal Thai, the history of Thai massage and that honesty is the best policy for success in business, success in personal life and a caring boss to the many Thai masseurs.

Mr Jack definitely is one of the most down to earth person for unselfishly sharing his business acumen. But not without testing my knowledge about Thai massage as well. I don’t think I scored a high distinction. Most probably it would have been a border credit. I was also told that the Thai oil massage will relieve the excruciating pain on one side of my shoulder all the way to the hand. Well, the pain is the untold hidden secret of blogging till wee hours on the laptop. On top of the 1 1/2 hours of massage, I conveniently included the hot pouch massage, another must try to round up the session to three hours.   

Simmering in gold may not be the ambiance of Royal Thai but surely soothing, organised and tastefully set up - a spacious room for foot reflexology across the reception, male and couples room, female room, facial room, spa with jacuzzi and traditional sauna and another room in case you prefer a higher bed instead of beds on the wooden flooring drawn with curtains for privacy.  

For the comfort of the comfortable massage,  do change into the t-shirt and knee length pants before relaxing, appreciating and distressing the body, mind and soul.
Despite being told that the massage is not about pampering and may be painful, I couldn't take the kneading over my small body frame. The masseur understood but within five minutes, I changed my mind and accepted that the penetration of the muscles is vital. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the massage. Every stroke, every knead and every acupressure absolutely couldn't be faulted until I was so close to dozing off. Thereafter the hot pouch massage admittedly was even better. Bundled with a concoction of herbs all the way from Thailand, the pouch massage awoke the muscles to improve blood circulation when pressed over the body until I didn’t feel like leaving the room. However as we all know, all good things must come to an end.

While I'm looking forward to visiting Ancient Thai Sri Hartamas, please consider the following:-

Call for appointment instead of coming over and complaining about waiting time.   
Keep your voice down. 
Trust the masseurs instead of telling them what to do.
Avoid having intellectual conversation with the masseurs
If you have to communicate, use simple basic language. 
Thank you so much Royal Thai for the royal treatment. We shall meet again.


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  1. Looks like you had a gala :) You look fiiiinnnee Nava ...

  2. Wow so cool you kook refresh and pretty.

  3. U look really revitalized after spa treatment. Agree don't teach experts their work:)

  4. it must be such a claming experience, i like how spa has everything mentioned in detail

  5. Sounds like a lovely place to unwind and relax!

  6. The place looks wonderful! You look radiant/rejuvenated after the treatment...

  7. nice to be pampered like this. Long time i have not had a massage

  8. Aw, my body is aching now! I'm in need of a good massage too! xoxo

  9. Nice review and u look so relaxed after spa...n beautiful Nava... :)

  10. Looks like a good place for rejuvenating massage

  11. The pain part actually scared me m nt sure i wud like it.. also i hate these massage spas coz i dnt like the idea that an anonymous person touches me but that's me n my preference.. considering that it benefitted it I guess it was good

  12. looks like a cool place to relax


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