Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mooncake Masterclass Dim Sum Lunch - The Emperor (Dorsett Grand Subang)

I've always harboured a secret desire about how mooncakes are made. Watching food shows on TV to pick up the technique is one thing but a hands-on experience is the factual. The possibilities wouldn't have been possible without the masterclass invitation from Dorsett Grand Subang (Jewels of Mid-Autumn). Thank you. Between the 11 types of mooncakes offered at the hotel, it was truly an experience making the signature crystal skin "Honey Dragon Fruit" mooncake for the less of a guilty pleasure as the the unique flavour of Honey Dragon Fruit comes from the exotic dragon fruit, high in both antioxidants and Vitamin C. For guests who are keeping track of their sugar levels, Dorsett Grand Subang also offers low-sugar variations for its baked mooncakes.  

The good vibes of the masterclass continued with the dim sum lunch at the traditional and contemporary "The Emperor" restaurant featuring spectacular oil paintings, authentic Cantonese cuisine and down-to-earth personalized service. Each dim sum dish nicely presented for the gratifying flavours. 
Steamed Bamboo Pith Roll
Steamed "Siew Mai" Emperor Style
Steamed Bun with BBQ Chicken
Stir-Fried Radish Cake with Extra Ordinary Sauce
Soup of the Day: ABC Soup/Mixed patato Carrot Chicken Soup
Steam Fish Ball
Seafood braised Yeefu Mee
Deep-Fried “Vietnamese” Prawn Roll
TeoChew Mixed Vegetable
Crispy Yam puff with Chicken
Crispy “Cheong Fun” with Prawns
Steamed Squid Ink Bun with Salted Egg Custard

I love dim sum and these dishes were not short on wonders. No mistakes were made in the impressive tastes but as always, we have crown some winners right?? The last four dishes definitely won my heart. The Vietnamese deep fried rolls with the creamy sauce were startling for the creative invention. The mixed vegetable truly loved for the colourful vibes and the crunch and munch as well. Yam puff will and has always been my favourite. These crispy yam puffs with chicken simply reinforced the fact that they are a must for a dim sum meal. 

The crispy cheong fun prawns was another that spoke about creativity. The prawns carefully wrapped with a crispy skin and tucked with rice noodle rolls cracked the cracking sound in my mouth. Really loved! Ultimately the squid ink bun with salted egg custard I tell you almost crushed the ranking of the dishes. If you must end your dim sum meal with a sweet note, order non except the buns. Rest assured that the salty custardly sweet filling is heartily delicious!

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  1. I love dim sums, looks like an awesome place to prawns too.

  2. I want to eat everything you featured here!! Omg you made me feel so hungry Nava :P :D

  3. Why do you always feature such delicious food? I always end up hungry reading your post. :P

  4. Wow dear you are really lucky..the mooncakes look so the yam puffs too

  5. This is one great collection of liked it.

  6. super...looks like less spicy but still delicious

  7. Your food posts make me hungy... yummm.. I loved everything here :P


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