Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Medi Health Clinic - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

I  will be lying if I say I don't want to look good or at least presentable. But the practically is that I can't revert my skin back to the twenties or thirties, no matter what, eventually, ageing and the daily grind of life does take a toll on our face and body. Not making it any better is the unhealthy lifestyle of indulging in tipsy drinks, skipping meals and working hard to provide the best for our family. 

Admittedly, nip and tuck and an over-spilling bank account can erase the years. Even so, how many of us are willing to go under the knife or rather that far to maintain youthfulness? I certainly won't. While I've never neglected the daily beauty routine, including defending the skin against the harsh sun. after hitting the half a century mark, obviously, my skin will appreciate more to just the tender-loving-care beauty treatments at beauty salons. True enough, when I walked into Medi Health Clinic, their "Fountain of Youth"tagline and the expertise of Dr Malcolm reinforced the fact to the various professional treatments.

Over the lengthy consultation, we spoke, we shared opinions and doctor recommended the laser treatment as my skin screamed with dullness and lack of glow. Despite being assured the treatment is safe and effective without bleeding or scar, I was little wary. I suppose it’s normal to feel that way unless you have done the treatment before. But without trying, I can’t possibly improve my skin texture and tone, coupled with the long lasting results.

Fotona laser works by targeting the brown pigment or "melanin" present in the pigmented lesions. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is broken down. The body immune system, which is macrophages remove broken up pigments and clear it from the area. The laser treatment is quick and painless, effective for melasma, sun spots and uneven dark patches, improves skin texture with minimal downtime, more even skin tone and suitable for both face and body.
After the consultation, I was ushered to the spacious clinically clean room where I laid back at the good hands of the doctor and of course, the medical laser technology. My skin was cleansed followed by the slightly prickly single pulses. Nervousness it may have been why I couldn't relax. But within a couple of seconds, I was doing well as the treatment was neither painful nor uncomfortable. I definitely noticed my brighter fairer skin on one side before doctor continued to other side of the face. 

To pamper my skin, the soothing and calming aloe vera gel mask was applied and left for about 10 minutes. Thereafter, the mask was cleansed off and a layer of Veo sun block protection applied over my face.

Essentially, a reputable home skin care set is the key to the daily nourishment for maintaining the skin, between the VEO range I tested, the "Hyaluron Face Serum" has to be the most promising to lock in moisture without leaving an oily film.
The serum and perhaps a  different treatment will be called for the next visit to Medi Clinic. For the time being, I can't stop admiring my clean clear skin. 
Thank you Medi Health Clinic. Indeed the much needed break, away from sweating and cooking and into a comfort zone to shower kindness on my skin. 

10, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/93
Kota Kemuning (along the same turning at McDonalds)

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  1. indeed your skin look radiant than before

  2. It must have been really refreshing and you skin says it all!! Now I am also very keen to have one :)

  3. Nice! Good job on pampering yourself.

  4. It's nice to see you getting pampered too, Nava! You're gonna look younger & younger in no time :D

  5. It is always good to get the skin pampered by someone else for a change,, so many beauty treatments we r nt aware of.. ur skin is really flawless and the end result is very cool... Glad u had a relaxing time :D

  6. Absolutely worth it...the difference stands out! Feel like going and getting that kind of treatment myself!:)


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