Friday, August 14, 2015

Krishna Curry House (Revisited) - SS9A/14. Section 51A Petaling Jaya

Ages it has been since we visited Krishna Curry House. Now that we are in another area where life is about crawling in and out of the daily traffic jam, coming over isn't as convenient as before. From Sea Park to Jalan 222  the previous location of this curry house, it was like  makan angin/ catching the air for a lazy drive every forth night on Sundays. But from Shah Alam via Kesas, driving is so stressful as the so called "formula one drivers' in the flashy cars feel the highway belong to them. They tail gate all the way until you actually feel its better to let them have the highway while you sleep in late and eat at the neighbourhood Indian restaurants with average food.

On this Sunday being a long weekend because of the public holiday, we didn't mind taking the drive as you can count the number of car on the highway. Krishna curry house evidently is at a new premises. Maybe another 10 minutes away from the previous location and two lots compared to the corner lot with an airy open seating area across the car park. Of course sort of bigger but comes with the hassle of parking unless you park along the road side. We walked in at about 12.30pm and the restaurant packed with customers until service crawled worst then the working day evening jam. 

Patiently my other half sat at the nearest empty table while I walked up to take pictures and to see if anything new is featured on the menu. Almost the same except the fresh catch from Bagan and mountain goat with skin claimed from the Himalaya where hopefully the yogis are still meditating.

The same lady it is at  the counter still faithfully collecting the millions but looking at that we were abandoned for the last 15 minutes, she actually served us. The banana leaves came and the rice came. Then the waiter placed the 3 standard veggies, pickle, chutney, papadam and curries with loading up as much as you want. We called for a plate of mutton bone marrow, claypot mutton curry, fried fish, mango lassi and cold spicy mooru/yoghurt. Another slow start for the dishes and drinks to arrive. Eventually we started eating by biting our teeth as patience almost rang out.      

The dhal curry, fish curry and veggies satisfying when eaten with rice to quickly fill up the hunger. The mango pickle and chutney we agreed were the love of the meal for the loveable spicy-tangy Indian touch. In fact the saviours for the much needed extra punch.  
The thick mutton curry with a frightening layer of oil would get a pass for the tasty curry and succulent meat. The bone marrow curry with the same tasting curry but of course big bones and don't know what's with stinging and serving so little gravy.     
Fried fish another usual fare as in any Indian restaurant and hopefully as claimed fished in Bagan. Mango lassi and spicy yoghurt were not made in heaven. But definitely appreciated after the meal and for the hot weather eating in a restaurant with fans swinging on other customers and in a non-air conditioned ambiance. 

As more and more customers walked in and stood around looking for empty tables, we paid around RM50.00 and quickly left. Compared to when Krishna was at the previous location, the service level has dropped and the taste of food down by another 3 to 4 points. But if you feel Krishna Curry House must continue with their legacy, then come and contribute to their future "staying alive" years.  

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  1. The food looks delicious nice place to bad is far from me.

  2. Looks very traditional and Indian would have been good if it had tasted better!

  3. I think mutton curry needs to be looks good to me

  4. Food looks like the usual fare that you get in Indian restaurants. Too bad service was slow. I'm curious to know how the mountain goat with skin tastes like. Should be good!!

  5. The food looks so so tempting omg.. I love south indian style of eating on a banana leaf.. nice place to dine


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