Monday, August 3, 2015

Jewels Of Mid-Autumn (Dorsett Grand Subang)

Come join me as I walk you through a short journey about how lovingly and precisely the jewels of mid-autumn are hand made with the traditional wooden moulds pre ordered from Hong Kong. Chef demonstrated how to made the crystal skin dough while I carefully watched. Simple it may seem to mix and roll the dough but the hands-on experience was quite a thing.

With the chef on stand-by, I felt as though I've achieved the moon. Not the most perfect moon cake but sure a critical success factor. The dough and the dragon fruit filling with salted egg already on stand-by and all I did was flatten the dough and wrapped it around the filling. Truly not as simple as I presumed.

Of course I brought my jewel home. After each meal, I have been eating a tiny slice. So good. Love how the moon cake melts in my mouth with its pleasurable taste. The skin especially is way and beyond better than the commercial types  made with mineral water. The secret as revealed by the chef is the use of lots of milk.

Upon making the cake at Dorsett, came the dim sum meal at The Emperor and sampling the selection of the halal baked mooncakes. Mouth watering right? Of course you can made as the recipe has been unselfishly shared but rest assured that Dorsett mooncakes available from 4th August -27th September are absolutely a sheer pleasure.

Thank a bunch Dorsett Grand Subang. I may have learned how to make the moon cake but making at home is out of the question. I mean why when its so convenient to jewel over the jewels of the hotel. 

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  1. I have not yet had moon cake, looks delicious.

  2. they look like ancient seals , so cool

  3. Hi Nava, look like you are having a good time enjoying yourself making those cute mooncake. It look easy but in actual fact to wrap a perfect mooncake with very thin and even skin is no easy task.
    You look cute in the hat and apron. :))

    Have a lovely evening, regards.

  4. What a fabulous cake and very well done!!

  5. yay mooncake festival coming soon...

  6. Vow a food event like this must be so much fun fr u as a food blogger.. I loved ur fun pics n ur outfit is lovely as well :)

  7. Looks like heaps of fun! I make moon cakes when I actually remember that the moon festival is on which is quite rare haha...and dragonfruit filling sounds like an amazing flavour!

  8. Awesome Nava. I have been eyeing on moon cake for a while but never got to try esp without the mould.Thanks for the secret.

  9. Hello Chef Nava, may I have a bite please?? ^_^

  10. Thanks for sharing the secrets of making moon cake...BTW you are looking great in all pics...


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