Friday, July 10, 2015

JORD Wood Watch

Unlike when I was in education industry where a professional image is about wearing office attire, I'm more relieve now for I can wear what pleases me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I dress shabbily. I still maintained the right image but in casual attire. Quite a change I've to say. Albeit feeling sentimental seeing my office attires hanging in the cupboard, I'm trying to buy more casual clothes. Supposedly there's enough to keep going. But stocking up more stylish jeans, presentable tops and accessories won't hurt. Watches undeniable are also included as accessories. In fact a must despite having a phone which can also tell time. Creditably a watch is an evergreen fashion statement. At least for me.

While my collection of watches isn't over-spilling, I have tad-bit of exclusive ones. The latest is this JORD wood watch, courtesy of the company that believes their watches tell more than time. Agreeably so true. The moment I opened the parcel, I loved the wooden box with the watch inside. The watch by itself speaks about how beautifully its been crafted though the dark wooden band a little big for my wrist. I admit its my fault for giving the wrong size. Not a big deal for I can get it adjusted. But definitely adjusting before taking the pictures would have been better. Still, option for the red watch face was the right choice. I like red. So why not?

Using the watch is pretty much easy. Press the latch on the metal band, slip the watch on the wrist, fasten up and ensured its secured. The exclusive watch is also packed with an extra piece of the band and the pre-requisite warranty card. All nicely packed, arriving safe and sound.

To stay true as someone who's comfortable with casual clothes, the watch matched well with the jeans and dark brown top, alongside with a brown-silver beads long chain and brown heels. Certainly for the casual presentable look or perhaps let the comments come in to see if others agree. However asking the one and only photographer (yes, my other half) to take pictures almost brought the roof down in the extremely hot weather. I preferred outdoor shots whereas he insisted at the porch. I posed but he continued to meddle with the camera. So much so I had to put on the shades as my eye make-up profusely dripped till I started tearing.

Regardless of the little commotion. the photography session was over and done. When I looked at the pictures, I knew there's light at the end of tunnel. Not bad. Not all but some photos acceptable. As for the watch, absolutely a treasure forever. Thank you  Jord Watch for the impressive piece.

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  1. I am drooling over this watch.. it looks really nice on u.. u can make the strap small if it is too big..

  2. interesting watch,never seen one in wood yet

  3. I've always wanted a wood watch!! :) Yours is so nice!!! Your photo session with your hubby sounds like fun, despite the heat haha

  4. Watch is stylish and the watch box looks cute.

  5. Pretty cool, Nava! Didn't realize the size is big until you put it on. xoxo

  6. Hey Nava u look great and I think the watch suits u. If u had moved few more steps to the left the gate would have taken the full frame and looked like a cool industrial structure behind u. Tell me about better half and taking pics sometimes strangers are better atleast they wont make comments :)


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