Thursday, July 23, 2015

Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour (06 - Wild)

Familiar brands are safe, you know it all, you are satisfied and you won't hesitate to repurchase again (MaybellineLaura MercierRevlon or Lakme). But sometimes it is good to try new brands, otherwise we are limiting our choices to skin care and make-up products. I for once am adventurous especially with lippies, definitely not from exclusive brands but rather the reasonable priced ones, Elianto isn't an unknown brand. Been in the market for as long as I can remember, this brilliant rich lip colour is the first ever purchase.

Purportedly boosting transfer resistant, long lasting, weightless ultra thin film vibrant matte finish and intense rich-vivid shades, Brilliant Riche Lip Colour is the 1st Kiss Proof Lip Colour that comes in 6 vibrant matte shades with filming polymers and volatile oils for a natural-proof performance. Arresting bright pops of colour for the one stroke of pure colour, the sensorial creamy fluid shapes lips with its extremely light veil weightless micro-fine pigments to guarantee a smooth glide when applying. The colour adheres to lip, dries quickly, last longer and leave a comfortable smooth transfer resistant finish. Made in Italy and forrmulated without parabens, fragance, D5 or talc, the key ingredients are Boswellia Serrata (anti-inflammatory) & Sesame Seed (hydration).
An instant pick-me-up shade, this lip colour instantly brighten my complexion to lift away my tiredness. Packaged in a transparent tube with an applicator, a single swipe is about all I need. Lightweight and non-sticky, its pigmented and waterproof formula glides easily and evenly to provide a matte long-lasting finish. I've also figured out that it will be nice to start off by lining the lips with the tip of the applicator and then fill up to the fullest for vividness. Whereas, every now and then, I swipe two layers so that my smackers stand out. However, the slightly dry formula tend to accentuate my fine lines once the colour has settled down and with double layering. Thus, it has to be logically slicking a bit of clear lip gloss and gently rubbing my lips together.   

Having said that, its staying power is really good though does fade a little after dabbing lip gloss or whenever I eat greasy food and since this colour is like a lip stain (Lovin' Lip Stains), you can't remove it with a tissue. Rather, a slather of cleansing oil or oil-based make-up remover before wiping with a cotton pad, Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour admittedly does transform my look from drab to fab in less than 2 minutes and RM25.00 definitely didn't burn a hole in my wallet.

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  1. Love the shade, I would totaly wear it. Even I would need some clear gloss on it though :)

    Its realy sad to learn about the blogging scenario there, brands need people who take 100 selfies a day with thier products. Brands need to learn how to give importance to people who are good like you :@

  2. Love that vibrant color...Its suits you so well

  3. this is bit related to burgundy the shade

  4. The color does look nice and bright on you! Lovely write up!

  5. The lip gloss is really nice and looks beautiful on u.. if its too dry dabbing vaseline or clear lipgloss shud work I believe :)

  6. thats a pretty lipcolor, ans I love your fringe

  7. This looks so pretty :) I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses because most of the ones I've used before either have had terrible staying power or they dry my lips out like crazy (a bit like this one I guess!)- it still looks good though!

  8. I think you look really good in red, Nava! xoxo


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