Thursday, July 16, 2015

Banh Mi Cafe - Bandar Puteri (Puchong)

Come follow me. Follow me for an exciting food trail to Banh Mi Cafe. Walk in and it feels as though you have walked into one of the eateries in Vietnam. A corner lot eatery in traditional Vietnamese style, comfortable tables and stools and with options of seating inside or in the limited outside area. An extensive menu. obviously featuring Vietnamese dishes, I was confused on what to call for. But since the staff who attended to us couldn't speak English, I actually didn't mind that my Chinese lunch partner took charge of ordering. While she was at it, interesting it was to note that Banh Mi has been reviewed and featured in newspapers and tv channels. A big achievement I must say.

Just as we were done with taking pictures of the menu and ambiance, the dishes arrived one after the other and we started with the rice teamed with stir fried beans, leafy vegetable soup with tiny bits of minced pork and braised lemongrass chicken (RM7.00) - beans simply stir fried with garlic while retaining the crunchiness, the light soup was flavourful and the chicken in claypot, indeed a favourable start as a genuine representation of home-style cooking.

By 11.40am as we savoured the sweet and sour pork ribs (RM8.00), the cafe was already bustling busy as customers continued streaming in. Now, as for the ribs, tender and easily chewed and cooked with soy sauce and other quintessential Vietnamese ingredients, this dish I truly enjoyed. In fact, a winner compared to the braised lemongrass chicken. Not to say the chicken dish was not tasty but its just that I preferred the ribs.

Up next  - mini pancakes paired with a light chilli dip and salad leaves (RM7.00). Impressively attractive and impressive tasty as well, the pancake was wrapped with salad leaves and the sauce drizzle over, lovely for the crunchy-munchy texture.
Thereafter we had the customary authentic Vietnamese rolls accompanied with a sweet-spicy thick brown sauce and topped with a little peanuts and chopped red chillies. Fresh and inviting, it was a healthy dish and the sauce,well, an extra level of spiciness would have elevated the taste further.
By the time the French baguette arrived, I was stuffed to the maximum. Still, such waste if I didn't taste. Filled with an assortment of ingredients including with bacon, coriander leaves and a special light soy dressing  in the French bread,  the first few bites revealed the delightful taste. Though bread isn't something I like, I still appreciated this Banh Mi Thit Heo Nuang (RM7.00).  

The Vietnamese coffee was raved by the lunch companion as she wouldn't stop praising the bitter-sweet after taste upon sipping it. I on the other hand loved the Vietnamese Che Ba Ba/Ice Kacang - a concoction of coconut milk, red beans, peanuts,black glass jelly and  and pandan jelly noodles. Not overly sweet, the creamy and chilled dessert-cum-drink was a soothing burst especially for the extremely hot weather.

Banh Mi Cafe is the place for reasonably priced authentic Vietnamese food, prompt service and easily located as you turn left before Columbia hospital but parking, well, the same story as elsewhere unless you don't mind an early lunch by 11.00am.

Thank you Banh Mi Cafe.

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  1. Lovely post...this cafe sounds awesome. I Would tottaly order pancakes and che baba if I ever visit this cafe :)

  2. Yum good place to eat a delicious meal

  3. A wonderful write up!! beautifully written!!

  4. I love Asian food bt family does not .. this place looks so nice to try Vietnamese food.. here we r stuck up eating same kinda food everyday sigh!!

  5. Sounds like a lovely place to visit!

  6. I love Banh Mi- there used to be a takeaway store at our uni selling the best version of banh mi I'd ever tasted, but then they decided to sell tacos instead and I haven't found a better one since! This one looks amazing though, and I'm not surprised considering the restaurant was named after it! The pancakes look awesome too- I don't think I've ever seen them in Vietnamese restaurants, but I'd really love to try them!

  7. Nava, the mini panackes look interesting. Feel like popping some into my mouth now :D

  8. Che ba ba looks super yum, I would love to try it.

  9. nava em so amazed with your experiences, every time a new venture and a new place.. wow

  10. Love Vietnamese food esp the spring rolls. I am in love with those black serving dishes I am guessing its earthen. As I read ur posts I find that there is a relaxed feel and I am enjoying the vibe in ur words.I think quitting ur earlier stressful work has done u good.


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