Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal

Life these days is all about perception. The perception we built based on what's shared on blogs and social media. Many have perceived my life as colourful. Yes. Admittedly colourful but not picture perfect as seen in the pictures. There's more behind the scene. As an avid cook, you'll be surprised I'm one of those who eat so little. In fact breakfast has never been the priority for the longest time. As I've said before, I find all sort of excuses not to the start the day with a meal. In fact eating is the last thing on my mind unless of course when I dine out. Also, life as a blogger may be fun as claimed by others. Nevertheless, its energy draining sitting in front of the laptop, figuring out what to write and adjusting the pictures for a postcard view. The same thing over and over to keep the blog going.

While its a nice feeling being a sensational blogger for being able to wear tight jeans and t-shirt. without sufficient energy the svelte figure will be drained out. I know. Trust me when I say how tired I've been. As it is, I've lost substantial amount of weight. On top of not eating, there's been other reasons as well. Still, skipping breakfast and not eating well are lame excuses. I realised that regaining the lost weight is a must. 2 kg at least. For that reason, I've been practically forcing myself to eat. Furthermore as I've been thinking about what should breakfast be, Ambronite drinkable supermeal arrived. Happiness!! For the next one week, supermeal was the breakfast. Not only for me but my other half as well for he too doesn't have breakfast. Conveniently blaming me for not preparing a meal.
A packet of the fine powdered meal is tipped into the shaker packed in the hardy box. The 4 cards also inside the box are about the nutrients, ingredients and what else is offered by Ambronite. After tipping the meal, pour 2 cups of cold water and shake up while ensuring the shaker is well capped back. Otherwise your kitchen will turn green. Then of course you know what to do. The meal with two cups of water was too thick for me as I preferred a lighter version. Easy. Pour more water before shaking. In fact the meal is more than enough for one person. Generously shared with my other half.

For us, the drink is definitely appreciated for breakfast. That said, you can have it any time of the day. Right from the first day we drank, we agreed the drink is smooth with natural flavours. No smell and trust me, you won't struggle to drink. By far, the best tasting unlike the few previous from other brands. In fact we looked forward to the drink every morning. But now that there's only one packet left, we've been seriously discussing on repurchasing Ambronite supermeal. To believe, you have to try. No point throwing all the flowery words until you give a go.    

Thank you Ambronite.
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  1. generally sun drinks taste so bad, if this one dosen't them i must try it
    keep in touch

  2. I guess when you are working, everybody seems to struggle with breakfast... though it is the most important meal, it is the most ignored meal as well! This sounds like a lovely way to start the day in a really easy manner...

  3. First time to know this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have never tried before. Mmm..interesting. thanks for the recommendation

  5. Not heard of it, but it sure packs some goodness, Nava :D

  6. Sounds like a wonderful option for those on the run! Yes blogging is not all glamour, the work that goes behind a post is simply too much! Hope you gain back your lost health and weight soon!

  7. Hope you gain back your health dear..Smoothies and shakes are my kind of breakfast..this one looks really smooth..will check out its availability.. Thanks for the review!!

  8. I am all for these type of drinks as I am quite over weight.. This one sounds natural and really good.. need to chk them out

  9. Looks like a healthy option on a go.


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