Monday, June 15, 2015

RoLeaf Tea - Nature's Finest Fit For Royalty

Tea drinking culture goes back to ancient years. Between the many ways of how tea is consumed or enjoyed, I can recall what tea time was back then with my family. Mom made a huge pot of tea with lots of sugar and condensed milk alongside with at least one type of kuih-muih/cakes. I too used to help out in making the cakes during school breaks or whatever mum needed a break from spending all her time in the kitchen. Indeed it was exciting and thrilling that we filled up our tummy in the evening before dinner.

Now its a different story altogether. No sugar loaded tea and kuih-muih. What can you expect when age has caught up and you become concerned about living a healthy life. Certainly cutting down on sugar is the most logical thing to do. But tea drinking has not been forgotten. I still love a cup of hot tea. From the wide array of RoLeaf tea leaves packed into various shapes of tea received, I chose 3 flavours since it won't be possible to taste all at one go for you want to enjoy each blend/infusion gradually. My all time favourite has to be the lemongrass ginger tea and for the first time ever, I tasted the ravishing rose petals. For my other half, peppermint tea seem the perfect one to calm down his stress and mind. 

The teas bags packed as sachets, made from nylon material allows more room for teas leaves to expand while steeping in hot water, bringing out its finest taste fragrance for your enjoyment. Simply nice just like that for the original flavour or if you like, add a little honey for the little burst of natural goodness. I certainly loved the burst of the lemongrass ginger infusion. Indeed soothing and much needed as I was feeling not so good on this day. Once I finished off a cup, I topped up with more hot water and drank again. While my other half also thumbed up the peppermint tea, after a few hours, I had the refreshing rose petal. Again what more can be said except that I loved the fragrance and the natural aroma.

These tea leaves sachets are from the RoLeaf team which aspires to make every cup of RoLeaf teas a memorable drinking experience and a seed sown into the society's needs. Roleaf also believe every culture must prosper in:
Health to nurture for the aspiring healthy conscious physically, mentally and emotionally.
Lifestyle worth for the individuals who desire a tasteful manner of living.
Novelty differentiated by partnering with noble causes and sowing into society's needs.

Thank you RoLeaf. I will sample the rest of the infusion in the next few days. 

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  1. so many yummy tea fragrances

  2. I don't drink tea but these look like some lovely flavors!

  3. They all look so lovely! Tea time is still precious but now I have switched over to green tea recently. For years I had my cuppa with milk and sugar. Now I'm working on my husband to do the same...have not yet succeeded.:(

  4. Lemongrass and ginger tea is something we make often at home,, There can be nothing better than that... i am a tea lover hands down .. these teas look amazing

  5. I don't drink tea but these flavors are lovely ..would love to try them for my loved ones

  6. I adore scented tea, Nava! My picks goes to the lemongrass ginger! xoxo

  7. I would really love to try the rose and peppermint flavored one.

  8. I love tea.. and these flavors look so good..wonderful review Nava:)

  9. LOve the flavours..LOve to drink tea at any time :)


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