Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ramadhan With Family, Friends & Colleagues - Dorsett Grand Subang

I so agree that breaking fast with family, friends and colleagues is something so meaningful and cherishable. I still remember back then when I just entered the working world and had to work past the normal working hours till late night. I tacked along with my colleagues for buka puasa anywhere they suggested. Indeed such a wonderful feeling of appreciating food for a relaxing one hour break. As expected it was about the same feeling at the ramadhan food review. Courtesy of Dorsett Grand Subang and with the media, bloggers and people I met for the first time.

This ramadhan month Dorsett Subang treats diners with 2 dining options:
"Selera Bonda" at Melati - offers a buffet spread of Malaysian delicacies.
"Iftar" @ Terraza - offers a buffet with a mix of international and local cuisines.
With daily changes to the buffet menu items, diners will not be left wanting be it for local delicacies or international cuisines.

Couple with Terraza Brasserie's theme night, IFTAR presents a spread of local and international delights from appetizers, soups, main courses to dessert. "Gear Box Soup" is one of this year's Ramadhan signature dishes. Tempting but I couldn't taste since beef is a taboo for me. Sure enough I was told that the soup with its rich flavouring and spicy goodness, made out of cow knuckle joint which takes hours boil to create that soft meat texture and gelatinous marrow was simply so good.

Oh well!! I had plenty of other choices too. My personal favourite was the nasi briyani gam chicken - succulent chicken with rice in a lovely spicy mixture. The sotong masak kunyit and ikan bawal sambal were tasty too. To complement the savoury dishes, I also opted for a tiny serving of white rice, ikan kering/salted fish and my all time favorite - sambal belacan and sambal mangga.

Of course the rest took delight of the variety of food selections such as roasted baby lamb, chicken/beef satay, chicken murtabak and many more. As diners move around the restaurant several live actions stall awaited them with Chefs standing by entertaining diners with live preparation of their chosen dish. Each stalls variety in theme/specialty from noodle to seafood.

To curb that sweet tooth, do indulge on the desserts such as the Terrazza's famous bread pudding, penget keledek, kuih-muih,fruit jellies and cakes. For me, it was slow from the start to the end. I couldn't really eat. Still I couldn't resist the pulut hitam porridge and  a piece of the red velvet cake. The cake - ohlala!! Loved it so much.

"IFTAR" @ Terrazza Braserie is certainly the place to dine during Ramadhan for those who want to induldge but still spend quality tie with their loved ones. At RM150.00 nett per person, diners can enjoy this buffet spread from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. For reservations please call 603-50316060 Ext. 1912.

As mentioned earlier, "Selera Bonda" at Melati is also just the place for a more authentic feel this Ramadhan. With 10 live stalls and many other buffet items to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. As diners gets settle in for the night, celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn will be sharing the night with Maya (and Haiza during the weekends) to entertain diners with classic Malay hits.
By the end of the night some lucky winners might walk away with prizes from the lucky draw. Perhaps a trip to Phuket? At RM140.00 nett per person, diners can enjoy this buffet spread from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. For reservations, please call +603-50316060. To avoid disappointments please confirm your advance booking and enjoy a 25% discount off normal rate.

Indeed it was a night to remember. Thank you Dorsett Grand Subang.

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  1. I would love to try everything, fresh,traditional and international cuisine such interesting spot for iftar :)

  2. foods were presented well and wide choice they have

  3. their bread and salad section is epic

  4. With lucky draws thrown in too? Wow! Enjoy feasting, but better watch your weight, Nava. xoxo

  5. All the items look so delicious and yum yum :) I loved the garnishing and everything about these dishes!!

  6. Looks like a feast, briyani and shawarma looks yum...

  7. what a feast you had it there.

  8. Omg the food is to die for.. it is like a food heaven.. my mouth is watering.. :D

  9. Such beautiful food! A pleasure to go through your post, Nava!

  10. that's a very wide variety of buffet !


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