Friday, June 5, 2015

Ramadhan Buffet - Hotel Equatorial Melaka

Sometimes its worth going the extra mile for good food. Certainly I didn't regret driving for two hours all the way to Equatorial Melaka (Melaka - places to visit) for the first time. I went up to level 3 where Seri Nyonya Peranakan restaurant is and just loved the truly traditional ambiance. So nice that I couldn't just sit quietly. I had to take pictures of the rustic rich brown decor and baba nyonya decorative accessories.

Next of course was savouring the array of Iftar offerings, The array of local and international culinary delights available for guests during Ramadhan month to celebrate both Iftar and Sahour with loved ones for a truly memorable dining experience at Phoenix Ballroom.

Executive Chef, Mohamad Sharif presents an enticing combination of extensive range of international dishes with Middle Eastern cuisine starting from 18 June to 17 July 2015, available for RM88.00 nett per adult and RM44.00 nett per chiles, from 6.60pm to 10.00pm. With over 200 items of delicacies being featured in the buffet daily.
I didn't know where to start but not possible to sample all the dishes. Carefully I selected my favourite items - roasted lamb with Kabsa Rice, a juicy lamb that made out of 7 Arabian spices cooked to perfection in rich kabsa flavored with Arabic tomato garnished with boiled egg, capsicum and raisin. Truly a loveable dish. Soft succulent lamb that I didn't battle to chew and eaten with grainy tasty rice. Of course how can I possibly miss the Nyonya sambal belacan, sambal mangga and cincaluk. These condiments/dips just completed my meal with their authentic taste. Always a pleasure on my taste buds. I also sampled the ever famous hummus - thick flavorful spread /dip made with chickpeas and olive oil.

The rest of the Middle Eastern and traditional Malay cuisine were equally tempting especially the squid with mango salad. The classic way mango salad with a combination of crispy yellow mango and squid julienne that's marinated with fish sauce, lemon juice and traditional sambal belacan. Not to be missed are the main courses such as Prawn With Bamboo Sprout that strikes a deep chord with their delicate textures and Fried marinated prawn with fried bamboo that balanced beautifully with traditional Malay sambal.  The top recommendation is the Ikan Pari Asam Manga Muda (Braised Stingray with Spicy Young Mango Sauce) with the crispiness of the fish, sauteed with fresh turmeric and homemade assam jawa that is perfectly mixed and full of flavour.

Should you wish to favour the sampling of international dishes, enjoy your dinner with Shish Tauk with Saffron Rice, one of the most popular traditional Middle Eastern cuisines. It showcases plenty of Middle Eastern ingredients such as sumac and paprika, alongside with prime kebabs that offers bite-size sampler of popular dish. Slow roast the entire lamb at 180C temperature that has been carefully selected with 7 Arabian spices and paprika, top with Middle Eastern Briyani rice that will transform into a wholesome meal for the night.

As said earlier, I opted for my favourites. Then delighted over the traditional kuih-muih - kuih bahulu and tapai pulut. Since its been ages I haven't eating tapai, the fermented glutinous rice with sugar wrapped in banana leaf was simply triple loved.

I wish I could have stayed longer and sample the rest of the traditional delicacies but I had to leave for another 2 hours drive back home before the evening traffic jam. Perhaps I must return to Equatorial with friends for the early birds special (15 May to 17 June 2015) and receive a 20% discount or purchase the Buka Puasa gift vouchers at RM880.00 nett for 12 vouchers (10 + 2 complimentary.

Thank you so much Hotel Equatorial Melaka.

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  1. everything looks so mouthwatering here...

  2. oh!!!!!!! feeling hungry..tempting pics

  3. what a lovely iftar spread, now i need an invitation to come to your place

  4. Ambiance of the place is really nice, food also looks tasty

  5. Wow.... I've never driven 2 hours for food! :O Max I've done is a about 1.5 hours and that's very rare- but then again, if the food is as good as this I wouldn't mind!! The food looks amazing! You always go to the tastiest looking restaurants! :)

  6. Damn delicious!!!
    i will definitely attact the mutton or lamb....
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  7. Wow.. The place really looks so cool and recipes.. Just wow...

  8. Amazing. Mouth watering dishes... Plus I like how well they are presented :)

  9. Oh, Ramadan is here already? Wow, time to fast again! Look at all those yummy treats :D

  10. This looks like a royal place with great cuisine!! Wow <3
    Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my last post! :)

  11. wow!This hotel is really beautiful.Whenever we try to book this hotel for long weekends,it is always fully booked.We still have a plan to visit Melaka again.Now after seeing all these photos,I will sure book this hotel early.

  12. Omg what a choice of food Nava I am lost cannot choose what I like the most from this.


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