Monday, June 29, 2015

Mahsuri Buka Puasa Event - Rumah Kebajikan Baitul Hidayah (Puchong)

Being a blogger isn't all about dolling up, attending glamorous events and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. At times it's about dressing appropriately for a meaningful buka puasa event at a welfare home. I was truly honoured to be invited to Rumah Kebajikan Baitul Hidayah organised by Mahsuri. I walked in, exchange greetings and had a chance to see and hear about how the children are cared in the home. Indeed such a meaningful way of reflecting the effort of Mahsuri and those present to make the event a success.  

I sat with the boys and tried to break the ice. Some smiled backed whereas others were shy. But as soon as the games and clown show started, they surely loosen up and had fun. I cheered and clapped to engage and motivate the children as well as when the winners were rewarded with gifts and hampers. Certainly a pleasure of supporting the meaningful event for a good cause. Thereafter the residents including myself were treated to a delicious Buka Puasa spread cooked using Mahsuri sauce.

At this point I have to say that I was happy for receiving a bottle of  Mahsuri hot sweet soy sauce and a packet of dates. Cooking is pretty much one of my passion. Definitely the sauce will be put to good use for the dishes I have in mind.

For other home cooks, here's your chance. Participate in the "Masak and Menang" contest by Mahsuri running from 28th May to 8th July 2015. Create dishes with Mahsuri products to take home RM500.00 and a chance to be among the 24 winners to visit the a total of four welfare homes together with Mahsuri employees throughout the contest period. The next two homes to be visited are Pusat Jagaan Cahaya Kasih Bestari (4th July) and Rumah Sakinah (11th July). Share a snapshot of the delicious Buka Puasa creations on the MyMahsuri facebook page  with hastags #MyMahsuri and #Manis / #Pedas / #Tiram /#Ayam. You never know of the potential of seeing your dishes on the page

As for the food, I loved the nasi ambang. Never tasted before but certainly I love any dish made with rice. Nasi ambang won my heart with the different types of condiments plus the addition of ayam goreng berempah. The kuih-muih and jelly on the hand is a reminder that any Malaysian event is not complete without  tucking into such delicacies.

I left with a full heart and stomach while thinking how privilege I am for the things I have. Now its time to ponder further about giving to the society just like Mahsuri. Perhaps you too can open up your heart and search on how to engage in meaningful deeds no matter how small it can be.

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  1. i'm not practicing Islam, but i damn lovin any ramadhan buka puasa event for sure....
    moment to reunite with old phals n ganks....
    Simply damn delicious n comforting meals!!!
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  2. I am sure this must have been a wonderful experience fr u.. u r right everytime blogger events its nt abt glam sham .. the food looked delicious :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful cause! Indeed we are blessed!

  4. u r beautiful to see u in churidhar also...... I too feel to eat those colorful sweets.... :)

  5. omg, its the first time u have posted your pic in indian wear and I must say u look fab

  6. Sounds like a really fun and meaningful event! You always get invited to the best events!

  7. U look so good in Indian clothes:) Must have been a great experience:)

  8. Seems it is a good cause and hope you all had a great time....

  9. Yeah you look so pretty in salwar kameez..the sweets and the dishes look yumm..this was for a noble cause ..God bless you Nava really a sweetheart

  10. I miss all the buka pause fun we had in Malaysia, growing up. These brought back wonderful memories :)

  11. Nava, you look very different in traditional Malay costume. A nice change :D

  12. Hi Nava, great experience and you're very lucky to be able to attend the event. The food look very inviting.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  13. Good day ms nava K
    I am finally back blogging again :-) Miss blogging with u..


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