Monday, June 8, 2015

Chutney Mary - Jalan Telawi (Bangsar Baru)

Spectacular! The ambiance of Chutney Mary I am referring to. Gosh!!! Beautifully set up with vibrant red contrasted with gold and white shades. The red colour my favourite colour as well, truly striking to enliven the inside air conditioned dining area whereas the outside sitting area where we sat just normal but the tables still the same - red table cloth with cutleries "perhaps" from Northern part of India. Well, I am guessing and if I am wrong, sigh!! Embarrassing if the owner write to me stating otherwise.   

The ambiance I kept admiring but for whatever reason it may have been, we were the only customers at about 7.30pm. Thus, service was on the dot. The menu we flipped and flipped and couldn't decide because that so many items. Moreover, with the pictures in the menu so appealing, seriously, we took almost 10 minutes to decide. I further confused the whole ordering thing. One minute I wanted this, the next minute I changed my mind and wanted that. Eventually sense sensibly I calmed down when my half-half gently reminded - "you sure want to order all the dishes? Think carefully. I know your eating capacity, so why don't we narrow down and later if you are still hungry, we can top up", Okayyy!!  

Before the start to the main dishes, we were kept busy with the papadam paired with mint chutney and tomato chutney.    

The crispy fried cumin seed papadam dipped in the chutneys indeed loveable. Both the chutneys were superbly "fabulous" until every bit I spooned into my stomach and conveniently pushed the papadam to be crunched by the two of them. Then came the main dishes just within 5 minutes apart. The "Kurkuri" naan with spinach dip - naan lathered with cheese and tomato paste and the glossy dip with simple yoghurt artwork, cooked with spices to lend the flavours. The thin naan nice just like that and the dip to further enhance the taste. This dish, I don't mind ranking close to 90/100. That so good. 
The stuffed paratha I couldn't figure out was rolled out after filling or stuffing with what. Perhaps, garlic, coriander leaves and ghee. Appetizing and another winner for the crispy outer layer, got me wondering why the paratha I make is always "solid as a rock". Well, if only cooking classes are offered in this restaurant, my name will be the first name on the list.  
The paratha will still shine without generously soaked and eaten with the Goa Fish Curry. The curry, luscious and thick with fresh fish pieces and many spices used to enhance its flavour, such a waste if we didn't finish up. Wah! Heart winning as well.  
The chicken fried rice fried with turmeric, spices, mixed vegetables and thin chicken stripes a generous portion if you are looking at ordering for one person. The friend couldn't finish up and so, we helped to clear. This fried rice sorry to say, I would rank at the bottom. The taste was okay and when compared to the dishes we already had, I shouldn't complain but still, okay only!
Masala tea and bru coffee, as usual the complete package for such a meal. The tea with Indian spices and fresh-fresh cow's milk was a perfect closing and the bru coffee, a wonder for coffee lovers.

We paid RM92.00 at  
No 21-G, Jalan Telawi 2
Tel:  03-22829923

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  1. really I love the ambiance as well as their menu

  2. Loved the kurkuri naan and the fish curry of course..looks mouthwatering

  3. Another good review. Thanks for giving us the tour to places you visit.

  4. I really loved the place and the food! Too good!

  5. Looks like an awesome place to have weekend dinner, naan looks yum.

  6. Nice, i really like it.if you also like our site please follow:

  7. the chicken fried rice in unlikewhat i imagined it to be like (as I am a chinese). =)

  8. The name really caught my eye, food looks delicious too!!

  9. Love the look of the Goan fish curry. Lovely place to eat!

  10. It's interesting to see a restaurant named Chutney. Bet the dishes are yummy :D

  11. Like always u have tempted me with so much yummmy eateries.


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